Sunday, August 5, 2012


Totally random thoughts-

1) I have been banking with the same credit union for most of my working life. I love them, they've been good to me and so as a result I'm a very loyal customer. So loyal that I overlook the small things that could be considered annoying (like, the closest branch is an hour away). I just make it work. HOWEVER I have just rec'd a message from them letting me know that they are upgrading their security systems and I'm going to need to change the username and password to my account. The username and password that I've used for almost 20 years. Have I mentioned that I'm so not good with change?? I love my username and password- it's etched in my memory like my parents phone number. I don't have to think or pause- I just know it.

This is a line from the message "Please make sure you choose a username that is secure, yet something you can easily remember, as it cannot be changed once submitted." Really? I could easily remember my OLD know, the one that you're telling me I MUST change. Sigh, such pressure.

Sometimes technology drives me crazy- how many passwords and log ins can a person remember? I'm pretty sure I have 50 of them between work and personal use, maybe more. How can a person be expected to keep up?

My brain is full and I'm in mourning.

2) We went to a surprise birthday gathering for a friend on Friday and were supposed to take an appetizer. No problem, I can do that!! But, when it actually came down to it the party was in an hour, I needed to take a shower and, as is sort of par for the course as of late- hadn't formalized my plan for the appetizer. Small town living means it's not as easy to just run to the store to solve the dilemma so I needed to make due with what I had in the closet. I could not love GOOGLE any more!

I typically keep cream cheese in the frig and crackers on the shelf "just in case". The rest is completely random (and totally saved the day!!)


Baked Pesto Dip-


So easy....cover cream cheese with pesto, chopped tomatoes and shredded parmesan, bake for 15 minutes and serve with crackers.

Fast, easy, tasty- can't beat it!

3) Cobwebs- my newest downfall....we must have a million spiders living on our porch and it drives me insane. Any ideas for getting them to move?

4) The Olympics are on and I LOVE THEM!!!! I cannot get enough....the stories, the smiles, the medals, the patriotism, the theme song, Bob Costas. Seriously, does it get any better?

5) You know when people say, "it's a small world"? Last night we were at a party. Some of our friends had friends visiting from Germany and they brought them along. Through the course of conversation, Jon learns that the woman from Germany (who is actually Swedish) played tennis in the US in college. And so he says to her, "You know, our old neighbor played tennis in college and is from don't by chance know the C's, do you?". Um, indeed she did, not only that but they are still great friends!! Stop the madness- I love a good 6 degrees of separation story!

That's what's been swimming around in my brain- what's happening in yours??


Dee Stephens said...

I'm loving the Olympics too! that dip sounds delish!

Christa said...

Please, keep rambling on!!!