Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I saw a pin on Pinterest about Birchbox.
Ever heard of it? I hadn't either.

The website says "hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples delivered to your door for $10/month".

I'm a sucker for a sample and a treat delivered every month? I like it.

I got my 1st box and was giddy.


Along with samples, I'm also a sucker for pretty packaging.


It may as well have been a box from Tiffany's....I'm such a cheap date.


I love the perfume sample, a great pumpkin face scrub and although I won't wear green nail polish, it's definitely fun. Once you try the products you can visit the website to learn more about them and order full sizes.

Worth the $10? I think so.
I'm counting the days until my May box arrives!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baseball Begins!

It's that time again.

Spring flowers, warmer weather and is back.

We signed Cooper up to play in our new town. Instead of over 300 10 and under kids in the league, there are 16. Instead of never knowing where the game will be, there is one field. It's small town baseball and it's a big deal.

It's different, but the same.
Cooper is having a blast.

Saturday was Opening Day.
They announce each player by name, sign the National Anthem and an Opening Day pitch is thrown.


It's very official.
Also official? The uniforms.
Cooper told me that they're just like the major leagues....especially the pants.
I must have checked the wrong box on the order form....his are an adult small. He can barely keep them up but he LOVES THEM!


He had a great game......the kid is playing 1st base again this year and is about the cutest 1st baseman around.


The weather was perfect for a baseball game and for a crazy mom taking pictures like a mad woman.


They won! I just love his happy face.


1 down, 14 to go.
Go Mets!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today was Good

I thought it would never get here.
It was even a 4 day work week because I took Monday off but it didn't matter.
The week was long and hard and truthfully I could have worked all day long today and I still wouldn't have been caught up.

But I didn't.
And so, today was good!

Coop went to a sleepover birthday party in Richmond last night and Jon left early to do some jobs and pick him up. He took the dog with him so I had the house to myself.

It was blissful.

A little recap-

-slept until 8:45
-watched a DVR'd episode of Grey's
-mopped the floors
-ate lunch on the porch and read a magazine


(my lunch was pita bread and the MOST AMAZING hummus- white bean and basil from Trader Joe's. i bought it on a whim and i'm so glad i did, it was divine.)

-after lunch called my new friend mary to see if she wanted to run check out some outdoor furniture with me
-spent an hour shopping and laughing!
-came home....Jon was mowing the lawn and Cooper was playing with a friend
-did some laundry
-took down my Easter decorations
-ordered a pizza and watched a movie with my boys
-said goodnight to my boys and am catching up on blogging

I loved my day- got things done, spent time with friends, relaxed and got re-energized and ended the day surrounded by my sweet little family (and our needy dog)!

Today was good.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

thankful thursday

i just got a text from jon.
bear in mind that I'm downstairs and he's upstairs.

jon's text to me- "a message just popped up on facebook saying that it's diana's birthday this week"

my text to him- "yup- i gave her her present already. thx for looking out for me honey. love you.

jon's text to me- "just didn't want you to miss birthday week."

does it bother me that he texted me vs. coming down to talk face to face?
it's not lost on me- but somehow his message via text meant more than having this same exchange live.

here is why-

*because it's captured in black and white- and i can go back and re-live the moment and how loved it made me feel.

*because he knows how much i love my friend.....and he knows how much birthday week means to her!

*because he's learned so much over the years about what makes me happy and how important remembering special days can be.

*because he paid attention and took action.....

*because its a small thing but it conveys how much he loves me.

i'm so thankful for him.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Dinner

Easter dinner was magic!!!
I was with people I love, eating food I adore and celebrating the gift that is our Lord.

Who could ask for more?


My 1st official holiday dinner in our new home.
I couldn't wait to make things festive and I loved the way the table looked.

I found the sweetest nests to use as place cards- and then found eggs to go inside. I forgot how handy a glue gun can be!


We had 10 for dinner and although I do have 10 place settings of my china, I didn't love the way it looked with the nests and flowers. Good thing my hubs lobbied for white plates- they have come in so handy!


I only have a place setting for 8 in white so I improvised and brought out some antique flow blue plates. I used glasses with blue trim that we rec'd as a wedding present to carry the blue around the table. My mom and I were both giddy when it came together. The finishing touch- blue bunnies that I bought on clearance at the shop where my sweet friend Arlene works. She was coming for dinner and commented immediately when she saw them.

The best part about the table?


Peeking in from outside, seeing everyone together and sharing the special meal with special friends and family.

Hope your Easter was wonderful too!

Monday, April 9, 2012

After Hours Easter Egg Hunt-

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to try for our Easter Egg Hunt. As Cooper gets older I like to try and maintain our traditions but make them age appropriate at the same time.


Lots of times things seem easy...but they really aren't. This was one of those times.
It took four of us at least 30 minutes to stuff 30 eggs with glow bracelets. If you're thinking about trying it, I'd recommend light colored eggs that are larger than the "normal" egg. We really had to contort the glow bracelets to make them fit inside the eggs (and even used packing tape on some to hold them together).

Good thing we had some wine with dinner!


In the end it was so worth it- although there is a possibility the adults were more impressed than the kids!

Glowing Easter Eggs- pretty genius.
Thanks guys for playing along!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

For Eli (because he's a WINNER!)

Last year I introduced you to Eli. He's still adorable!

Last week I got an e-mail from his mom, Jen, with details about helping them in their quest for support of the Central Virgina Autism Society.

I read the e-mail and ended up in tears. Then I sent our friend Diana a message and warned her not to read the e-mail at work. Luckily, she hadn't seen it yet and heeded my advice.

My next message was to Jen to 1) let her know that she made me cry 2)tell her how amazing she was and 3) ask whether I could blog about them again.

She apologized, said her intent was to be fun and lighthearted and that of course I could blog about them. I love that girl.

You be the judge....and if you're so inclined, click to help the fight against Autism.


These are the exact words that Eli shouted as he crossed the finish line at last year’s Autism Society Central Virginia 5K Run/Walk.

Our family has been participating in the ASCV 5K event for 4 years and it has become one of my favorite days out of the year. It is a time where my family and friends get together and raise awareness about autism. It is a day of no special education, social skills classes, speech therapy and/or occupational therapy appointments. It is a day that educators don’t have to gather any data that determines how far Eli is delayed or the challenges he faces.

We simply spend the day celebrating Eli for the fun loving smiling little guy that he is!

I often wonder what Eli thinks of the ASCV walk that we participate in every year. We often speak the word “autism” around him but have not had that “formal” conversation of telling him that he has autism. He has yet to question why we walk, why we wear shirts with his picture on them and why he sees so many familiar faces at the event- former speech therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, daycare teachers, coaches, family and friends. I am actually looking forward to the day that Eli asks “Mom, why do we participate in this event?” I think my response will go something like this:

• I walk because you are my son … my only son.
I walk because you are mine!
• I walk because you are brave without knowing it. You encounter noises and textures on a daily basis that make your body uncomfortable yet you continue on.
I walk because you make me proud!
• I walk because you teach me how to be a better person. You have made me a better mother and a more compassionate person.
I walk because you are a gift!
• I walk because you are smart. You see things in such a different way. You see the small joys in a spinning washing machine, an opening door or the smell of bubble gum.
I walk because you give me insight!
• I walk because other families do not have support that we are blessed with.
I walk for more information and research!
• I walk because one day a person will tell you that you are different and not typical and they won’t do it nicely.
I walk for understanding!
• We walk because you are a son, a grandchild, a nephew, a cousin and a friend to many.
We walk because autism has affected ALL who love you!
• We walk because we love you!

Last year Team bELIeve came in 2nd place for the highest fundraising team- a big accomplishment! We are hoping for another successful year. All funds raised from this event will stay within the greater Richmond area, providing much needed support to families and individuals living with autism.

Click here to make an online donation to the ASCV Walk and to support Eli.

Thanks Jen- for making us understand, for making us act, for allowing us to support your family and making a difference.

I'm so proud to be considered a bELIever!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Favorite Smoothie

I've long been a smoothie fan, but until recently I have considered a smoothie only to be ice, milk, yogurt and fruit.

Lately I've started to give in to the peer pressure of adding veggies to my smoothies. I know- STOP THE MADNESS.

This is even too radical for Jon, who is typically up for whatever new zen phase is out there. Chia seeds? He's interested. Ear candling? Sign him up. Random vitamin supplements to cure what ails him? Yes, indeed.

Spinach in his smoothie?

But I've been reading about this craziness and everyone says that you can't taste a thing. I've got one friend who has been filling her kids with so many veggies in smoothies that they ask for "green smoothies" now by choice.

So, I tried it.


And I loved it!!!
I've started my day with one for the past few weeks and I do think it makes a difference in my energy levels in the morning.

Try it and see what you think-

"Green" Strawberry Smoothie

1 individual container Activia Vanilla Yogurt
1/4 C Milk
Big handful of fresh spinach
1/2 avocado (because this makes them SO SMOOTH and RICH!)
6-8 strawberries (I was slicing...I've since started throwing them in whole with the stems on)
3 ice cubes

You can add sugar if you want...sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
Blend until smooth.

I think the best part is knowing that I've eaten at least 1 serving of leafy green veggies before 9am. Impressive.