Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today was Good

I thought it would never get here.
It was even a 4 day work week because I took Monday off but it didn't matter.
The week was long and hard and truthfully I could have worked all day long today and I still wouldn't have been caught up.

But I didn't.
And so, today was good!

Coop went to a sleepover birthday party in Richmond last night and Jon left early to do some jobs and pick him up. He took the dog with him so I had the house to myself.

It was blissful.

A little recap-

-slept until 8:45
-watched a DVR'd episode of Grey's
-mopped the floors
-ate lunch on the porch and read a magazine


(my lunch was pita bread and the MOST AMAZING hummus- white bean and basil from Trader Joe's. i bought it on a whim and i'm so glad i did, it was divine.)

-after lunch called my new friend mary to see if she wanted to run check out some outdoor furniture with me
-spent an hour shopping and laughing!
-came home....Jon was mowing the lawn and Cooper was playing with a friend
-did some laundry
-took down my Easter decorations
-ordered a pizza and watched a movie with my boys
-said goodnight to my boys and am catching up on blogging

I loved my day- got things done, spent time with friends, relaxed and got re-energized and ended the day surrounded by my sweet little family (and our needy dog)!

Today was good.

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The Browns said...

Sounds like the perfect day! So glad you got to enjoy my birthday too!!!