Friday, February 27, 2009

We are not on Facebook- Love, Dad

My dad makes me laugh! There are times when he hits a bit of a dry spell, but then there are others when he's on a roll. This week he has been a riot.

He sent me an article via e-mai from Time called Why Facebook is for Old Fogies. The message said. We are not on Facebook. Love, Dad


Monday, February 23, 2009


It is days like this.....

(Sunday) Jon took Cooper to the boat show, which allowed me to do some shopping on my own. I found some new jeans and a few things to bridge until spring for work. I also bought the "decoration" project so that Cooper could get his Tiger badge at Cub Scouts. I ended up with 17 flower pots. My vision is that the boys will decoupage them with scraps of wrapping & tissue paper (wish me luck). After I got home, I watched a dvd'd episode of Grey's.

Then, it was boys night. I had girls night with Maura & Kristin at PF Ch@ng's. I had a crazy good apple pie martini to begin with and the lettuce wraps. LOVE those.

These were the things on Cooper's list while I was gone-

1) Play a game of chess
2) Pop some popcorn
3) Watch the entire Star Wars, Attack of the Clones.
4) Just hang out

Ahhhh- the luxury of it all.

That make days like this.....seem almost worth it.

(Monday) Woke up at 5 to walk 2.5 miles with my neighbor. Got back, got ready, remembered that it was Teacher Appreciation Week and I was responsible for a a fruit tray and 20 bottles of water. Woke Cooper up, got him clean and rummaged through my closet for some hair gel (evidently, he now cares about his hair!!)...made his lunch, tidied the house and was ready to leave at 8 on the dot. Looked outside and saw the pest control people in my driveway. UGGHH! Let them in to spray and had to re-order my trips. School drop off and then to the grocery store for a fruit tray. Drat- forgot that I was also responsible for getting paper towels, hand sanitizer and Clor0x wipes since his teacher ran out (homeroom mom, not all it's cracked up to be). Got everything and made it back to school at 8:45. Just in time for the Poetry Reading. Turned off ringer on blackberry, listened and smiled appropriately, said a prayer that my child would have the strength to overcome his fear of public speaking (Thank you, God). After reading, held Class Play meeting to get the troops organized and dashed off e-mail summarizing to those who missed. 10am- in my car on my way to work and dialed in to the conference call. Whew-

5 meetings and a work session later, I am on my way home- left work at 6:50. Home at 7:15. Arrive to Jon and Cooper playing chess. Dinner, not started. Homework, not started. Seriously??

I whip out some semblance of dinner (spinach & ricotta ravioli (from Sam's with vodka sauce from a jar) and french bread. We eat, I clean up, beg Jon to help with his homework and then put Cooper to bed- not before completing the glow in the dark puzzle that he's been dying to finish, reading 1 chapter of Encyclopedia Brown and clipping his fingernails.

Good Night Cooper
Good Night Jon

Now....time for me to do the rest of the things that moms do after everyone else is asleep.

But really, isn't it all about balance?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Must See TV

We watched the HBO premiere of T@king Chance last night.
It was amazing. I was mesmerized and horrified and saddened and so incredibly full of pride for those who ensure that our freedom is protected- and at the ultimate sacrifice.

When Jon was in the Army, he was to be stationed in Dover. Preparing fallen soldiers for their journey home was the job that he would have done- he was discharged before that happened. He said that he learned just as it was depicted in the movie.

If you are able, I highly recommend seeing this film.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday & Funny Story

I am thankful for friends who send me things like this on days when there seems to be no end in sight to the nightmares at work! This is exactly as she sent it except that I altered the name of her child. I would just include a link to her blog, but it's private because she's a bit of a freak about strangers. I still love her dearly! Thanks Diana- I know the boys had a blast at the circus despite the near death experience for G (and you!).

Off topic, but I've got a happy Thursday thought for you guys that I think falls in the category of telling you first and not making you read about it in my blog...

While at the coliseum with no less than oh..500 people, I tripped and fell. And not just any old fall... I was walking down those steep, cement, overwhelming and scary steps that take you from row 150 to the floor when I lost my balance and completely ate it down several flights of stairs... Did I mention I was carrying G??? And that the snowcone guy was in front of my balancing 40 snowcones on top of his head??

When I fell I managed to get out "WATCH OUT SIR!" and then toppled, head first into the cement and down 10 rows. My mommy instinct managed to kick in so I twisted my body to make sure G didn't crack his head, but totally twisted my ankle, skinned my knee, and crashed headfirst into a row of seats. Seriously. My head was on the ground (yes - the gross coliseum ground) and my feet were 6 steps up. And poor Victor (the snowcone guy) was completely shaken up. Bad, bad, bad.

If it wasn't so humiliating and if it didn't hurt so bad it would have been hilarious. Ok - so it still is kind of hilarious even if my ankle does hurt like h@ll!

(Lest you think that I'm a terrible friend.....Diana is doing just fine and we laughed until we couldn't speak when I called to check on her!)


Night #2, 3 & 4 have been fantastic on the new bed. It may be completely in my head, but I do feel as if I'm waking up more rested. Who wouldn't be thankful for that! Cooper has spent his week trying out the rest of the beds in the house. Sunday, our room. Monday, the original guest room which is now home to our old queen. Tuuesday, the old guest room bed which has moved into what was supposed to be my "work room" but never got any further than a comfy chair and a huge work table from Ik@a (also known as the kitten's room since her food is in there). His verdict- he like the kitten's room and has been there since Tuesday. Seriously- we could have saved a ton of money and bought a 2 bedroom house rather than 4. That kid is nuts about sleeping! Oh well, I am thankful for his adorable quirkiness and that sleepy little voice that says, 'I love you momma' before I turn out the light each night no matter which bed he's in.

I am thanful for this country that is my home. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

I am thankful for my husband, who took my car for a test drive immediately after I told him that it felt "funny". He said that he thought I needed new brakes, and he was right. I also got the tires rotated and the fluids changed. For the bargain basement price of $635, I am now driving in a safer vehicle. I'm also thankful that I was able to pay the bill because that nightmare job of mine is really, when you get down to it, a pretty great one!

Am looking forward to the weekend!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Take Two

I thought that I'd wake up this morning and be refreshed and bright eyed. I am not. Evidently, Jon and I did a fantastic job of building up how great it would be to sleep in our new bed. Those little ears that belong to our sweet child took in every word and wanted to share in the festivities.

This is one of those times when we (I) should have been firm, and maybe even mean. There is no reason that we should have allowed him to sleep with us last night. But we did. He was so cute, and soooo excited and he said, "but it's my 1st night to have a king size bed too- pllleeeaaase can I sleep with you?" We gave in. We shouldn't have.

I think I slept on what amounted to 1/2 a twin size bed last night. Jon is still asleep so I'm not sure his verdict. I'm looking forward to tonight.

Happy Monday-

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last Night with the Queen!!

Ever since we slept on the king size bed at Wintergreen, Jon has been a man obsessed. He can talk of nothing except getting a new king size bed. Truth be told, we have been sleeping on our queen size since we were married, and we're at that 10 year mark. It's time for a new mattress. And a king sounds heavenly- but shopping for a mattress ranks up there with shopping for a new car. TERRIBLE. I don't want to offend anyone who may make a living selling mattresses- but I can think of little worse (well, I can...).

We planned a day of shopping (I could hardly wait!) and as luck would have it, Presidents Day Weekend is THE time to buy a new mattress. I learned more about mattresses than I care to know. I've been profiled, questioned, tested and schmoozed- and it worked. We are the proud new owners of a a KING SIZE BED!!! We pick it up tomorrow, because as some of you know- we are also the proud owners of a trailer that beats all trailers (another story for another day).

I cannot wait- to be able to completely spread out and to be cradled by a super luxurious pillow toppy thing.....oh, the JOY!!

This also starts a chain effect....what do we do with our bed....we need new sheets, blankets, pillows and bedding.....and lottery winnings to accomplish it all. More to come on how it all pans out.

Valentines Day ended with what I thought was going to be an amazing dinner (lemony shrimp and cannellini bean with cous cous). Instead of theses incredibly fresh flavors that I had hoped for, it was sort of bland. Ughhh- Real Simple rarely steers me wrong- this time they did. At least the wine was good AND we talked the entire time about how AWESOME our bed is going to be! Can't wait!

Happy Heart Day-

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny Kid!

Cooper is working on his Valentines. It. Is. PAINFUL. I tried to spread out the agony over 4 nights, and we're at the bitter end. He's whining, crying, stomping his foot and begging for candy to get him through. I am brutal and am not giving in to the pressure. Apparently, it's worst than I thought...

Here is our conversation-

Me: No, you cannot have any skittles until you finish ALL of your Valentines.
Cooper: I don't even want you to be my mother anymore!
Me: Well, who would you want to be your mother instead? Grandma? Aunt Kathy?
Cooper: (after thinking for a second) I think I'd pick Aunt Kathy- she has a pet.

If I wasn't trying to suppress my chuckles, I might have cried. That kid does need a pet!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tubing Weekend!!

We took Cooper to Wintergreen for the weekend. We've been there before, but not in the winter (and that's sort of the point of going...). Jon was dying to get him on the ski slopes- and as it turns out- the child loves to ski. Neither of them could have been more excited. Here they are getting ready to head out.

Saturday they took advantage of the cheaper "night ski" and Sunday morning they went tubing. I went along to capture the memory and then went back to the house to read decorating magazines by the fire and enjoy the view! Next time, I'll definitely tube. Skiing is out- I had an unfortunate episode with a tree when I was younger that resulted in being taken off the mountain via the ski patrol. NOT my finest hour to be sure.


<span class=

Tubing "rules" seem very strict when you read them on line, but I felt much better when we actually arrived and saw the set up. It reminded me of the Banana Splits, only with snow.

<span class=
I love this picture. He's squinting, but he's so happy!!

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There they go!

Such a great weekend- beautiful weather, incredible surroundings, fun with family, and many fond memories. This is what its all about.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow- it seems like FOREVER since my last post. Some weeks I can think of a million things to capture about the week and our lives, and other weeks, it's all I can do to remain upright! This has been one of those weeks.

I got sick last week/weekend- the kind of sick that you ignore at first because there is no way that it can really be happening. There are so many things to you do what any normal mom does and you fight through it. But then it becomes too bad and you realize that you've been defeated by a microscopic bug. It's over. Momma is sick.

My friend Diana thinks the story is hilarious, and perhaps it is- I got sick at home, denied it and went to work anyway. Cooper heard me in the bathroom and said, "Momma, are you ok? You sound like you're throwing up" Yes, I am- but not to worry!! I came out, got dressed, packed his lunch and grabbed the keys. He said, "Momma, you're sort of tough". Indeed I am! I have to be- I'm the momma.

Fast forward 3 hours and I am huddled in a conference room at work hugging a trash can and hoping that the walls are at least slightly soundproof. Clearly, I am not that tough anymore.

I couldn't move, and the thought of getting to my car was too much. I was trapped until I finally felt stable enough to walk out of the building, drove home and collapsed on the sofa. My temperature was 101.5 when Jon came home 2 hours later. I was miserable! 36 hours later I could at least function- by Monday I was back to my old self. The good side- I lost 4 lbs!

I am thankful that it was just a bug and that my health in general is good!
I am thankful for that little shove from God to get started on my weight loss plan! When I put my jeans on, that 4 lbs made a difference, and that was such great motivation.

The night before I got sick, Jon and I celebrated our 10 year engagement anniversary. My parents have always celebrated their engagement anniversary, and so it felt normal for me to do it too. I didn't realize that it's not the norm. Most of my friends don't remember their date, let alone celebrate. I cannot forget mine- it was the greatest day for me and it changed my life forever! I am thankful for my incredible husband, and for the happiness that being with him has brought me. We have had our rough times, and we agree that year nine was definitely the roughest- but we are both committed to ensuring that our marriage is strong. We always joke that we're stuck with each other. I couldn't imagine being stuck with anyone better!

Work, ah, work! With all of the job loss in the country, especially my friends at Circuit C!ty, I am truly thankful for having my job. It challenges me, angers me and frustrates me on some days- but those things will just make me stronger in the end. The best part are the people-those that I work with and for, and those that I help as a result of my work- they are the ones who make it all worth it. We had a meetng this week, when one of our senior executives spoke about the economic state of the nation, as well as our company. He started by telling us that he didn't have much good news- but proceeded to make sense out of all that seems so looming. It's not good- but in his words, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how far away that light may be. I'm following that light- and I have hope. I am thankful for that.

We are heading to the mountains this week so that Cooper can try tubing for the 1st time. A fun weekend after a much needed longgggggg week!

Enjoy your weekend!