Monday, February 23, 2009


It is days like this.....

(Sunday) Jon took Cooper to the boat show, which allowed me to do some shopping on my own. I found some new jeans and a few things to bridge until spring for work. I also bought the "decoration" project so that Cooper could get his Tiger badge at Cub Scouts. I ended up with 17 flower pots. My vision is that the boys will decoupage them with scraps of wrapping & tissue paper (wish me luck). After I got home, I watched a dvd'd episode of Grey's.

Then, it was boys night. I had girls night with Maura & Kristin at PF Ch@ng's. I had a crazy good apple pie martini to begin with and the lettuce wraps. LOVE those.

These were the things on Cooper's list while I was gone-

1) Play a game of chess
2) Pop some popcorn
3) Watch the entire Star Wars, Attack of the Clones.
4) Just hang out

Ahhhh- the luxury of it all.

That make days like this.....seem almost worth it.

(Monday) Woke up at 5 to walk 2.5 miles with my neighbor. Got back, got ready, remembered that it was Teacher Appreciation Week and I was responsible for a a fruit tray and 20 bottles of water. Woke Cooper up, got him clean and rummaged through my closet for some hair gel (evidently, he now cares about his hair!!)...made his lunch, tidied the house and was ready to leave at 8 on the dot. Looked outside and saw the pest control people in my driveway. UGGHH! Let them in to spray and had to re-order my trips. School drop off and then to the grocery store for a fruit tray. Drat- forgot that I was also responsible for getting paper towels, hand sanitizer and Clor0x wipes since his teacher ran out (homeroom mom, not all it's cracked up to be). Got everything and made it back to school at 8:45. Just in time for the Poetry Reading. Turned off ringer on blackberry, listened and smiled appropriately, said a prayer that my child would have the strength to overcome his fear of public speaking (Thank you, God). After reading, held Class Play meeting to get the troops organized and dashed off e-mail summarizing to those who missed. 10am- in my car on my way to work and dialed in to the conference call. Whew-

5 meetings and a work session later, I am on my way home- left work at 6:50. Home at 7:15. Arrive to Jon and Cooper playing chess. Dinner, not started. Homework, not started. Seriously??

I whip out some semblance of dinner (spinach & ricotta ravioli (from Sam's with vodka sauce from a jar) and french bread. We eat, I clean up, beg Jon to help with his homework and then put Cooper to bed- not before completing the glow in the dark puzzle that he's been dying to finish, reading 1 chapter of Encyclopedia Brown and clipping his fingernails.

Good Night Cooper
Good Night Jon

Now....time for me to do the rest of the things that moms do after everyone else is asleep.

But really, isn't it all about balance?

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The Browns said...

thank God for the balance. you captured it perfectly.