Monday, February 16, 2009

Take Two

I thought that I'd wake up this morning and be refreshed and bright eyed. I am not. Evidently, Jon and I did a fantastic job of building up how great it would be to sleep in our new bed. Those little ears that belong to our sweet child took in every word and wanted to share in the festivities.

This is one of those times when we (I) should have been firm, and maybe even mean. There is no reason that we should have allowed him to sleep with us last night. But we did. He was so cute, and soooo excited and he said, "but it's my 1st night to have a king size bed too- pllleeeaaase can I sleep with you?" We gave in. We shouldn't have.

I think I slept on what amounted to 1/2 a twin size bed last night. Jon is still asleep so I'm not sure his verdict. I'm looking forward to tonight.

Happy Monday-