Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tubing Weekend!!

We took Cooper to Wintergreen for the weekend. We've been there before, but not in the winter (and that's sort of the point of going...). Jon was dying to get him on the ski slopes- and as it turns out- the child loves to ski. Neither of them could have been more excited. Here they are getting ready to head out.

Saturday they took advantage of the cheaper "night ski" and Sunday morning they went tubing. I went along to capture the memory and then went back to the house to read decorating magazines by the fire and enjoy the view! Next time, I'll definitely tube. Skiing is out- I had an unfortunate episode with a tree when I was younger that resulted in being taken off the mountain via the ski patrol. NOT my finest hour to be sure.


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Tubing "rules" seem very strict when you read them on line, but I felt much better when we actually arrived and saw the set up. It reminded me of the Banana Splits, only with snow.

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I love this picture. He's squinting, but he's so happy!!

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There they go!

Such a great weekend- beautiful weather, incredible surroundings, fun with family, and many fond memories. This is what its all about.

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Lora said...

i saw this post this morning from my blackberry, and i've been thinking about that squinty happy face all day!

i know my son would LOVE a day like this, but i am so cold-phobic that he may have to never know these joys.

i'm a terrible mom. terrible, terrible, terrible.