Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last Night with the Queen!!

Ever since we slept on the king size bed at Wintergreen, Jon has been a man obsessed. He can talk of nothing except getting a new king size bed. Truth be told, we have been sleeping on our queen size since we were married, and we're at that 10 year mark. It's time for a new mattress. And a king sounds heavenly- but shopping for a mattress ranks up there with shopping for a new car. TERRIBLE. I don't want to offend anyone who may make a living selling mattresses- but I can think of little worse (well, I can...).

We planned a day of shopping (I could hardly wait!) and as luck would have it, Presidents Day Weekend is THE time to buy a new mattress. I learned more about mattresses than I care to know. I've been profiled, questioned, tested and schmoozed- and it worked. We are the proud new owners of a a KING SIZE BED!!! We pick it up tomorrow, because as some of you know- we are also the proud owners of a trailer that beats all trailers (another story for another day).

I cannot wait- to be able to completely spread out and to be cradled by a super luxurious pillow toppy thing.....oh, the JOY!!

This also starts a chain effect....what do we do with our bed....we need new sheets, blankets, pillows and bedding.....and lottery winnings to accomplish it all. More to come on how it all pans out.

Valentines Day ended with what I thought was going to be an amazing dinner (lemony shrimp and cannellini bean with cous cous). Instead of theses incredibly fresh flavors that I had hoped for, it was sort of bland. Ughhh- Real Simple rarely steers me wrong- this time they did. At least the wine was good AND we talked the entire time about how AWESOME our bed is going to be! Can't wait!

Happy Heart Day-

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The Browns said...

We must talk at some point. I'm not a fan of king size beds at all. I intentionally get rooms with 2 full-size beds when we travel. Call me crazy.