Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny Kid!

Cooper is working on his Valentines. It. Is. PAINFUL. I tried to spread out the agony over 4 nights, and we're at the bitter end. He's whining, crying, stomping his foot and begging for candy to get him through. I am brutal and am not giving in to the pressure. Apparently, it's worst than I thought...

Here is our conversation-

Me: No, you cannot have any skittles until you finish ALL of your Valentines.
Cooper: I don't even want you to be my mother anymore!
Me: Well, who would you want to be your mother instead? Grandma? Aunt Kathy?
Cooper: (after thinking for a second) I think I'd pick Aunt Kathy- she has a pet.

If I wasn't trying to suppress my chuckles, I might have cried. That kid does need a pet!


3 Peanuts said...

Oh that is hard! My kids used to struggle getting those done. I am sure Kate will too. Thank you for your kind comment:)


The Browns said...

Ha! Simon struggled this year too - thank God I could just do G's for him!

Lora said...

that is fun for about 10 valentines. then it gets old. i'm totally on his side.