Thursday, December 29, 2011

thankful thursday (fab fun for the fam)

Family traditions are funny and sometimes they come from out of nowhere. When I was little, my dad took my brother and I to see the Harlem Gl*betrotters. He took us because his dad took him. I remember it fondly. Turns out, Jon went to see them when he was little too! He remembers it so vividly that he can even name some of the players.

Last night we took Cooper to see a game, and just like that, the tradition continues!

The Gl*betrotters were in town for one night and they didn't disappoint! What was disappointing is that I didn't take my camera. I SO regret it.

We simply had the BEST time!

Even though Coop had done a bit of research before we went, I don't think he was ready for how much he was going to love it.

coop, jon at trotters

On the way home I asked him whether he had a good time.
His answer?

"Momma, I LOVED it!"
"They had some spectacular dunks!"

As a parent there are times when you work hard to make things happen for your child.......and the result is less than satisfying. But when you get a reaction that's so happy, so full of joy and so from the heart, well- there is nothing better.

After the game the players line up around the court and kids can get autographs and have their pictures taken with them. Since I didn't have my camera, my pix are less than good. No matter- Cooper was elated!

His favorite players were Ant & Cheese.
That kid makes me laugh and so do these shots!

coop & cheese

Coop & Cheese

Cooper getting Ant's autograph
He slept with the ball last night. That's how much fun it was.

I'm thankful for parents who start traditions
I'm thankful for the means to be able to continue them.

I'm thankful for the staying power of a bunch of basketball players committed to entertaining a crowd and amazing us with their skills.

I'm thankful for a basketball loving little boy who actively pursues the perfect dunk shot.

I'm thankful for my sweet hubs, who waited in line at Will Call for 45 minutes with a smile on his face....all because he knew what was inside and how much our child would adore the experience.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend time together doing something that we ALL enjoyed!

What a great night- truly fun for the whole family.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry, merry


may the joy of the season be with you all year long....
merry, merry christmas-


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the tackier, the better!!

We're white light tree people at Christmas. Well, I'm a white light tree person- Jon would love colored lights just like the ones he grew up with but that's not happening. I did give in a little bit and the tree in Cooper's room has colored lights.

But although I don't like them for myself, I LOVE colored lights for other people and my motto is, the tackier the better. Our city is all about people decorating with a colored light (or 700,000 of them) and every year streets are jam packed with hundreds if not thousands of people who love to look at them just like me.

And really....who could blame them.


We take a tour of all the tacky lights with the F's each year and this is always the last stop on the tour. It's legendary.

As if it wasn't enough that the mom and dad lit up their house each year to the delight of thousands...when the son got married, he and his wife bought the house next door and now it's a two-fer.

Seriously- it's hard to put into words....

I snapped this of the F's. Aren't they great?

Where is my family?? Sadly they were in the car. We stopped for cocoa mid-trip and in a horrific chain of events I slammed Cooper's fingers in the door. In 9 years of that kids life that's never happened. I wanted to die- poor little thing. After some ice, hot cocoa, 2 motrin and a giant chocolate chip cookie to dull the pain he was fast asleep in the back of the car recovering from the injury.

I managed to muster up some happy though, and posed for this shot with Jess. It was taken by her son- and was truly a laughable moment!

Not lots better than spending time with good friends & celebrating the season!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today I left our house as its owner.
When I came home, I was a renter.

I don't have a recent picture....I need to take one.
This one makes me smile was taken at Christmas in 2009.

There is no sold sign....there never was.
I got an e-mail from a friend asking whether I know of any houses in our neighborhood that might be on the market.

Well, maybe mine.
Jon and I talked, they drove by, liked what they saw, came for a visit and said "we love it- how much?"

Yup, that's the story. It was unexpected, completely random, almost never happens and is absolutely thrilling!

And so we went into high gear putting a plan into place- a plan to start a new chapter in our lives.

And although it's a huge change....and although Cooper is not thrilled...and although it means doing things VERY differently....

I can hardly wait.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas House

There are six shopping days left until Christmas.
I'm working on five of them. Hmpfff. I may need to make a few changes to my schedule.

At least my house is ready for the festivities.
Every year I want desperately to join on of the blogland Christmas Tours- and each year I miss the deadline.

That's ok though.
Better late than never.


Nothing says welcome to our home like a Christmas wreath (for the first time in FOREVER I have a faux wreath....I usually make my own but sometimes cutting corners makes more sense).


A little bit of tree and our living room mantle.


I always use a white poinsettia in our entryway...and add a little bling to make it sparkle.

The bannister gets gussied up too!

When Cooper was little, we lived in another house and we had a sweet grandmother of a woman who lived across the street. Cooper loved her and the feeling was mutual. She gave him a nutcracker when he was 3 and he was obsessed with it. Santa saw an opportunity and brings him a new one each year.


They sit on the kitchen windowsill now, but next year we'll need to find a new spot. Wonder who will join the lineup?

And on the other kitchen window....


I'm not a huge fan of the nandina bush itself....but I LOVE using it at Christmas. The bunches of red berries are so festive and they're great in arrangements.

I don't have a picture of the whole tree (I'm having trouble with my camera and it's not cooperating AT ALL!).


Our tree has red balls, white lights and ornaments collected over the years. Santa also brings Cooper a special ornament each year. One of my favorites was this golf cart that magically looks just like ours!! That Santa- he's a whiz with a paintbrush.


Our house wouldn't be complete at Christmas without the creche.


It's my absolute favorite...made to match the one my parents have and handmade with love by their dear friend, Uncle Phillip.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Hope your home does too-

Saturday, December 3, 2011

getting ready

I love Christmas...and today I started the journey to get ready.

Garland on the steps? Check
Christmas village? Check
Nutcrackers on the window in the kitchen? Check

Still to come...the tree, wreath, tabletops, and fresh greenery everywhere I can think of.

To help get into the spirit I've been listening to Pandora.
And looking at pictures from Christmas' past.

I found this one....from 2008-


I love the wonder & joy of Christmas!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

thankful thursday-

thankful for....

doctors who find solutions
co-workers who understand the stress
(and who help to relieve it)

neighbors who provide the perfect connection
and open the door for new adventures

thursday (because it's almost friday)

warm sweaters
and cold temperatures

passed septic inspections
helpful phone reps

spending time with the boys i love
and looking forward to what will come

decisions made
dreams followed

sunny days
blue skies and a special place called windy point