Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas House

There are six shopping days left until Christmas.
I'm working on five of them. Hmpfff. I may need to make a few changes to my schedule.

At least my house is ready for the festivities.
Every year I want desperately to join on of the blogland Christmas Tours- and each year I miss the deadline.

That's ok though.
Better late than never.


Nothing says welcome to our home like a Christmas wreath (for the first time in FOREVER I have a faux wreath....I usually make my own but sometimes cutting corners makes more sense).


A little bit of tree and our living room mantle.


I always use a white poinsettia in our entryway...and add a little bling to make it sparkle.

The bannister gets gussied up too!

When Cooper was little, we lived in another house and we had a sweet grandmother of a woman who lived across the street. Cooper loved her and the feeling was mutual. She gave him a nutcracker when he was 3 and he was obsessed with it. Santa saw an opportunity and brings him a new one each year.


They sit on the kitchen windowsill now, but next year we'll need to find a new spot. Wonder who will join the lineup?

And on the other kitchen window....


I'm not a huge fan of the nandina bush itself....but I LOVE using it at Christmas. The bunches of red berries are so festive and they're great in arrangements.

I don't have a picture of the whole tree (I'm having trouble with my camera and it's not cooperating AT ALL!).


Our tree has red balls, white lights and ornaments collected over the years. Santa also brings Cooper a special ornament each year. One of my favorites was this golf cart that magically looks just like ours!! That Santa- he's a whiz with a paintbrush.


Our house wouldn't be complete at Christmas without the creche.


It's my absolute favorite...made to match the one my parents have and handmade with love by their dear friend, Uncle Phillip.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Hope your home does too-

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Dee Stephens said...

Everything looks GREAT! love the traditions that you do with Cooper. On my after Christmas list is to find a nativity scene 1/2 price.
We need one!