Wednesday, August 27, 2008

100 Things About Me

Lots of bloggers do this and I challenged myself and this friend to come up with the same. It's harder than it seems, but at the same time, fun!

  1. I am approaching 40 (and it freaks me out a bit)
  2. I regularly religiously have my hair highlighted
  3. My parents have been great role models for me and I owe them more than could ever be repaid
  4. I am addicted to Diet Coke
  5. I got married when I was 30. My mother later told me that if I hadn't been engaged at the time, she and my dad would have had an enormous surprise birthday for me (umm- consolation prize?)
  6. I chose to attend college in the south because I wanted a southern accent
  7. I am a Kappa Delta (from Alpha chapter)
  8. I have a weird thing about nicknames for certain people
  9. I started calling my mom Babs when I was in jr. high. My extended family thought that it was disrespectful. My mother adored it and that's what I call her to this day (I alternate with Ma, Mom & Grandma)
  10. I call my brother Henry although his name is Eric. My dad doesn't approve. Not sure about my mom.
  11. If I could live on just one food for the rest of my life, it would be pizza.
  12. Homegrown tomatoes are a close 2nd
  13. I fell in love with Jon before I had spoken to him even once (we worked in the same department).
  14. My friends & co-workers thought I was nuts.
  15. My friend Laura sobbed through our whole wedding because it was a dream come true and she was there from the start.
  16. I am terrible at managing my money- TERRIBLE
  17. If I could have plastic surgery, it would be a toss up between having a nose job or my knees altered
  18. I am opposed to Botox (for myself, but accept that it may work for others!)
  19. I adore my son and am probably definitely a bit over the top at times when it comes to his well being and every whim
  20. I haven't always felt that way and struggled with postpartum symptoms after he was born
  21. I have met only one person who had these feelings too (and was willing to share). She made me realize that I wasn't alone and inspired me to keep going. I don't even know whether she knows how big an impact she had on my life, and on Cooper's
  22. My favorite color is blue (no specific shade)
  23. I love to sing, and until I used a karaoke machine, thought I had a pretty good voice.
  24. I think that Kraft Mac & Cheese (original blue box) is delicious!
  25. If I could choose my profession again, I'd be an architect and specialize refurbishing old homes so that they kept their character
  26. I am against new construction as a rule and would never live in a brand new house or organized neighborhood
  27. I have a huge issue with front doors that do not match the integrity of the rest of the house. A repeat offender is the one with the oval patterned glass. It must be the cheapest door available at Lowe's-
  28. I love Junior Mints
  29. I love the color combo of red, white and blue. It's crisp, clean and inspires me.
  30. My family went to church/Sunday School faithfully when I was growing up. I liked my church family and have fond memories of the time we spent together and of church in general. I wish I had this now.
  31. I think my mom has a direct line to God and she constantly says "little prayers" for everyone. I love this about her!
  32. I prefer a traditional church with hymns and organ music.
  33. My favorite flower is a zinnia. I also love violets (the wild kind that are really weeds)
  34. I think Curious George is a great example of positive programming for children.
  35. I despise Y-7 shows that model crude behavior and make it ok to tease or put down others (ie- SpongeBob etc,).
  36. I am against violent shows for children and forbid them to be seen in our house.
  37. We have a single television in our home (and just recently upgraded to high def).
  38. None of us will ever have a TV in our bedroom
  39. I think that I am probably ADD (Jon agrees!)
  40. I have a ton of rules that other people probably view as strange, prudish and not necessary
  41. Rules give me the structure I crave
  42. We purchased a 2nd home at the river when Cooper was 15 months old
  43. It's the best thing we've ever done and is the glue that keeps us all together and sane
  44. Our neighbors at the river adopted us and we are considered extended family. We adore them.
  45. It's very difficult to maintain 2 homes. We manage because the benefit far outweighs the stress.
  46. I have a fear of exercise, especially exercise in front of others
  47. I get the best feeling- that I can't describe- each time I spot a rainbow.
  48. DVR has changed my life
  49. I love accents, especially, British, NY, deep South & Canadian
  50. It bothers me when people say pacifically instead of specifically
  51. I took sewing lessons when I was little
  52. I wish I retained some of the knowledge. I can thread a machine and sew straight lines
  53. It drives me nuts that Jon leaves his clothes in piles on the floors.
  54. My piles don't seem to bother me as much
  55. I love music from the 80's
  56. George Thorogood went to my high school
  57. My dad is a retired teacher- Joe Biden used to come to his class to talk to his classes. He's searching for a picture....I'll post if it exists!
  58. As I've gotten older, I've developed a fear of the ocean.
  59. I used to love it- and have great memories of floating for hours on rafts and riding the waves!
  60. I used to make "dribble sand castles"
  61. 9 years ago, I passed my skill to an adorable 4 year old. His mom recently told me that they still make them after all these years because of me.
  62. I had a cousin who was an Ice Cream Man when I was little. He worked for King Midas. All of my friends liked the Jack and Jill Man better. It was sad.
  63. Today, the Ice Cream Man seems a little odd downright creepy.
  64. I adore flip flops in the summer
  65. I cannot live without Danskos in the winter
  66. My friend Angela was obsessed with them for years before I ever took the plunge- I owe her so much!
  67. My husband has the best sense of humor- I wouldn't have married him without it.
  68. My younger brother lives in California and his life couldn't be more different than mine.
  69. He's one of the happiest people I know.
  70. His lifestyle throws me into cardiac arrest but I love him dearly
  71. It's difficult to put this list together.
  72. I'm ok with using generic brands- except for q-tips, toilet paper & cheese
  73. I wish I wasn't so fashion challenged. I know what is good on others, but can't get it just right for myself!
  74. I'm a Miracle Whip girl
  75. Jon absolutely must have Real Mayo
  76. Cooper won't eat either
  77. I've just realized that all of these things aren't really about me.....huh- oh well, too late now!
  78. I am left handed, as is Cooper
  79. I really need to lose 15 lbs. 25 wouldn't hurt me
  80. Sustained motivation is a struggle for me
  81. The mud slinging of politics drives me crazy
  82. I love antiques. Simple pieces made of dark wood and incredible craftsmanship
  83. I collect blue transferware and white ironstone pitchers
  84. I always thought having a Christmas village was a bit over the top- until Cooper became obsessed with them. We now have one and yes, it's sort of over the top (see #19)
  85. I worry constantly and have been working on leaving behind things that are out of my control.
  86. No matter how hard I try, I cannot get used to the new light bulbs. I try to reduce my carbon footprint in other ways.
  87. I love a bargain- Jon says that since he's known me, I've never bought anything that wasn't "on sale". (that's not quite true....)
  88. I took a quiz last week to identify countries of the world and failed miserably. I don't think that I'm smarter than a 5th grader
  89. Blogging has been so good for me!
  90. I am incredibly opinionated, which sometimes gets me into trouble.
  91. My first job was at a drug store called Happy Harry's. I had the BEST time!
  92. Music impacts my mood and can pick me up instantly. P!NK's Get This Party Started never fails!
  93. Family traditions are incredibly important to me- mine from when I was growing up, and those that we create for Cooper
  94. A friend of my moms once told me that parenting only 1 child isn't really parenting. That bothered me then, and still does. I work hard to be a good mom and I think that I succeed. I'm realistic- which is something that escapes some people.
  95. I would love to improve my photography skills.
  96. I pick mercilessly at my cuticles and eyelashes. It's problematic.
  97. People always ask- "where were you when....." In my lifetime so far, there are 5 events that I can answer that question without even thinking 1) Space Shuttle Challenger disaster 2) 9/11 3) the wedding of Princess Diana and 4) the day she died
  98. I loved everything about my wedding day, except my makeup.
  99. The first thing I notice about people are their fingers.
  100. I'm quirky for sure, and I do have a mean streak....but really, when it comes down to it, I'm a kind and loving person with a few more insecurities than normal, a great sense of humor, the ability to tell a fantastic story, and lots of hopes and dreams.


The Browns said...

I LOVED reading this!!

What's a dribble sandle castle?

What's #5 of the where were you when??

WAY impressed with the strikethrough skills. From the new book??

Knees??? Seriously???

Loved reading this - thank you!

carolyn said...

1) Dribble castle- when you have a bucket with sand and water and you pick up handfuls and let it dribble onto the beach- it ends up looking like a castle with lots of turrets.

2) Oh- forgot #5- Jim Jones and the Guyana disaster

3) Did a little HTML research, but just realized that they rolled it out on Blogger though as an option! Hooray!

4) Definitely- have you seen them?? Uh, no, you haven't- I NEVER reveal them.

5) Thanks!!

Sallie said...

Caro - this is great. I could ALMOST copy the list word for word. And may I say, dribble castles were a big part of my childhood. Thank you for calling them what they are!!! : )

Skamamama said...

i have been trying SO hard to come up w/ my list. dianna's inspired me!
let's add the flip flops & danskos to our list of similarities!
so FUN!

Lisa Y said...

This is great!! I'm coming to you from A Silly Silly Goose... and something made me jump to your blog and read, read, read...all while I am on the computer tonight to try and educate myself on my district's candidates for tomorrow's election! You have a great sense of sarcastic humor ~ reminds me ALOT of me! We're not yet parents but I so want to start a blog and think that will be the perfect reason to do so...y'know keeping the out-of-town grandparents in the loop.
Thanks for the Verizon story - esp loved the list of those who tried to help you, upgrade you, re-enroll you, etc but in the end just wound up transfering you and annoying you...too funny.
ps...Cooper is a cutie ~ congrats on the grand slam...he'll be telling that story for years and years and so will you :-)
See ya' 'round...