Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crush On You!

Last night we went to see The Boss- yes, that's right- Bruce Springsteen. I am still recovering from the experience- it was FANTASTIC!!

I bought tickets for us, and added 2 for Wade so that he could celebrate his birthday at the show. The seats turned out to be behind the stage (mental note- do not assume you will be in front of the stage when the computer says "best available"). Well, one thing lead to another and we ended up getting 2 more seats that were lots better from a friend of mine- which was great. Our final Bruce group was me, Jon, Wade, my sorority sister Jackie (a HUGE Bruce fan), our niece Niki and a friend of Wade's. We had a complete blast!

So many highlights of the show- but the one that sticks out is that Bruce took requests. You could bring a sign with the name of the song that you wanted to hear and he "might" play it. Needless to say that there were many, many signs. One in particular made Bruce stop and have a conversation with the woman holding a sign that had an Orange Crush logo on it. He asked her whether she wanted to hear Crush On You and then told her that this was officially the worst song that they had ever recorded. And he went on and on about how bad it was- and she was insistent that she wanted to hear it. So- he played it! I haven't thought about that song in years- but I think it's a happy little diddy and was thrilled to hear it along with Bruce's true feelings about the song. At the end he said- that wasn't that bad, was it? Nope- it sure wasn't!

Thanks Bruce for an amazing concert- a night that I won't forget for a long time or maybe ever!
And yes- I've got a (teeny little) crush on you!

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The Browns said...

So glad you had fun! What's the update on Buffet??? Nice guns, big tractor and buffet tickets; where did you ever find him??