Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am blogging on the road- doesn't that sound so technical? I'm actually in New York for business and cannot wait to go home!

Things that I am thankful for, in random order:

-I am thankful for the opportunity to travel with my company. It gives me the chance to enjoy some time by myself (in a hotel with room service!). It also allows me to build new relationships with people that I don't often get to see face to face.

-I am thankful that I work in an office that is business casual. The New York office is business professional, and that means wearing heels. I really think that wearing heels for more than 3 hours should be considered illegal. My feet are killing me.

-I am thankful for some wonderful friends (you know who you are!). I needed fashion advice prior to my trip and so brought 1/2 of my closet for a fashion show. It was a desperate attempt to look professional- and thanks to them, I think I succeeded. Truth be told, I simply couldn't wear the orang-y shirt even though you guys all loved it. I promise to take the white one back- honest.

-I am thankful that I have a husband who willingly accepts that I need to travel at times. It's not always convenient, but it pays the bills. I love that I don't worry for a minute about Cooper while I'm away.

-I am thankful for a new baby, born on 8.8.08 to my dear friend Heather, and her husband Ben. I wish that we lived closer to each other- I miss her terribly! Mom and baby are healthy and happy (so are dad and big brother).

-I am thankful that my mom read my blog (for the first time), and had such inspirational thoughts to pass to me. Thanks Mom!

-I am thankful that I have a support system. People who probably don't realize how much they mean to me or how important their friendships are. It makes a huge difference in my life.

-I am thankful for the funny things that my child says and does. He went roller skating today for the 2nd time. Last time, you may recall, he had a bit of an ordeal in the bathroom. He wasn't quite coordinated enough and fell down in the stall. I asked him whether he had trouble this time and he said, "no momma- i just held it even though i had to go really, really bad." Sweet little kid!

-I am thankful for the voices (the tiny one, and the big one too) on the other end of the phone when I call to say good night to my boys. I love to imagine Cooper's face as he's talking to me- he warms my heart and makes me smile.

-I am thankful for a good nights rest, sleep always brings a new outlook for which I am glad!

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The Browns said...

What orange-y one?? you mean the one with french cuffs?? I LOVED that one!!