Sunday, August 24, 2008


Cooper woke up at the crack of dawn, and I was completely comatose. Jon was a trooper and went downstairs to make him some breakfast and get him settled into some cartoons so that we could enjoy a bit more slumber (does that make us terrible parents?).

When Jon came back he said to me, "there was a little issue with the bread (ie- mold) and so I had to disguise 2 hamburger buns as toast". I chuckled and wondered how that would go over with a finicky child who's not easily tricked.

Fast forward an hour when Cooper came upstairs and crawled into bed with me (Jon was up and getting dressed). He said. "Momma, I'm so hungry". I said, "Really, didn't you eat some toast that Daddy made?" He told me that he had fed it to Savannah!

Me: "Buddy, why in the world did you give your toast to her?"
Cooper: "Well Momma, something was wrong with that toast Daddy made, it had 300 pounds of crust on it!"

Jon ran into the closet to laugh hysterically and I tried my best- sometimes, it's just not possible.
He's funny!

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