Saturday, March 28, 2009

Missing this Face....(just a teeny bit)!!


These are the finished planes from last weekend- they turned out really well and now have a place on the shelves in the family room. At least for now!

This is the coveted Indian Guides weekend (see here for details from the fall session). My list this time is much less involved.

Friday- eat a great dinner (I bought a filet and had it and some awesome mashed potatoes) and watch the 2 episodes of Grey's and 1 each of Desperate & Bro/Sisters.

Saturday- sleep in, do laundry, accept delivery of new bedroom furniture, read the pile of magazines that continues to grow (although without my favorites- RIP Country Home & Cottage Living) and attend the 50th birthday party for a friends hubby.

Sunday- playing it by ear!

I adore being alone, but really only because I know that my boys are having the best time (did I mention that it rained cats and dogs last night?) and that being all by myself makes me appreciate them all the more when they arrive home- dirty, wet and full of stories and smiles.

Cooper has been looking forward to this weekend for months- and secretly, I think Jon has too. We did make a trip on Thursday to purchase an air mattress. As he said, "you know, I'm not getting any younger and that hard ground nearly killed me last time".

So far, I've rec'd 2 text messages-

The 1st in response to my "how are things?"- a single word- WET and then this one around lunchtime today- Cooper was the top shooter in his age group for our tribe! Ahh, we're so proud!

So, yes....I'm missing that face- but I know he's smiling and having the time of his life.

Me too!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Generation Gap?

Cooper spent Spring Break with my parents, and when he came home (almost 2 weeks ago) he told me that he was glad to be home because "Grandma and Pappy talk sort of weird". Huh??

Apparently they used words for things that he thought were strange. I asked him to expand....and he couldn't remember any of the specifics. He said that they called coats something that "drove him crazy". Ok....jacket, overcoat, cover up? Nope- none of those.

This morning I told him that he'd need to wear a fleece AND his coat because his class is having their Easter Egg Hunt today (long story- but it made sense in September). And he yelled-- "POLAR TEC!! That's what they always said. POLAR TEC, it drove me crazy". Seriously? Then he started saying- Cooper, come put on your polar tec, Cooper, don't forget your polar tec, Cooper, do you need your polar tec? Hilarious!!
My parents are wild about fleece, er- polar tec. Clearly, it rubbed my funny kid the wrong way.

Then on the way to school he says, "Oh- the other one they said was waste basket. How come they don't just say trash can??

Honestly- the things he latches on to make me laugh so hard!!

Only 15 minutes until the Easter Egg Hunt- I'm off today to play the part of Mom extraordinaire and I cannot wait!!!

Have a great day-

Monday, March 23, 2009

East Coast/West Coast

My brother lives in Laguna Beach but his life in no way resembles that of the popular TV show. His house is within 2 blocks of Laguna Beach High School. When I say house, I use the term's really a super sweet little closet maybe 400 square feet. Maybe. He lives there with his wife and her dog. The wife and dog are there illegally.....but the rent is cheap by CA standards and the location affords them the ability to walk to the beach.

Anyhoo, this is not the point. The point is that they were in from the west coast and we made the trip up so that my mother would be the happiest woman in the world. She just wanted her entire family to be together. I adore the woman, and so I went- willingly. Once I arrived, it. was. a. struggle. We could have been a reality tv episode...

I could go on....and on, and on....

I should not judge, and I really tried not to- bottom line, I inherited a gene that escaped my brother. I'm responsible, he's not, I'm a planner, he's fly by the seat of his pants, I'm a worrier- he doesn't worry about anything, I'm fanatical about following the rules- he never met a rule that he didn't break. I live in the real world, and he lives in this fantasy place where surfing and drinking wine by the gallon and wearing nothing but flip flops all the time is the norm. I'm east coast, he's west coast..she's TOTALLY west coast. But they are happy- in love and blissfully happy.

I wouldn't trade for a minute!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happening Right Now in my Kitchen... a father/son activity that makes me chuckle. Instead of the norm, father coaching son through teeny & often difficult details to ensure perfection, the roles are reversed. Cooper is a pro after spending all week with my parents and in particular my dad who is a big fan of the model!



Finished product coming soon!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday (100th post)

When I logged in today I realized that this is my 100th post- who knew??

I haven't been keeping track really but I'm so proud of myself! I started my blog to remind me of the little joys in life and to hold myself accountable for being thankful and not taking things for granted. It has become a place for me to do this, but also to record our lives, the things that make me laugh (and cry) and a way to keep in touch with friends/family. I love this place- I feel at home.

Lots to be thankful for....2 top the list-

I work at home on Wednesdays. Angela called to check on me and asked if I was in the mood for a bagel. Sure! Within minutes she delivered a hug and a warm bagel to my front steps. I have been slammed completely annihilated at work lately, and this kindness was almost too much to manage. I felt wrapped in a hug for the rest of the day. Thanks Ang- you can't know how much that meant. I am thankful for my wonderful friends.

Cooper had spring break this week and my incredible parents came down last Friday to spend the night and take him home with them for a visit. I realize what a gift this is- and I am thankful in so many ways.
I love that Cooper has the chance to spend quality time with my parents- they are his only grandparents- and know that each minute builds amazing memories. I want this for him and equally for my parents. They have a bond that warms my heart.

I love the time that Jon and I get to spend as a couple. Although we worked all week, each night was spent at a favorite restaurant or with friends enjoying adult time without worry and babysitting costs. We are refreshed and reminded of how much we still love each other. Sometimes it's hard in the day to day- this time is so important for us and makes us better parents, partners and friends. I am thankful for my parents, their health and their willingness to be the best grandparents imaginable!

Hope you're having a good week!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

If I were the President....

This came home in Cooper's book bag on Friday.

It made me laugh out loud- it also made me proud that at least I have instilled in that kid the importance of starting your day off right! It was a parenting lesson learned the hard way for me.

I cannot say that breakfast in our house is always completely healthy. I am forever mortified by the time that our pediatrician asked Cooper what he had eaten for breakfast that day. The conversation went like this.

Dr. Jan- Did you eat breakfast today?
Cooper- Yes.
Dr. Jan- What did you have....oh wait- let me guess!! Cereal?
Cooper- No
Dr. Jan- Pancakes?
Cooper- No
Dr. Jan- Oatmeal?
Cooper- No
Dr. Jan- Yogurt?
Cooper- No
Dr. Jan- I give up- tell me what you ate for breakfast
(note at this point I am ready to crawl under the table and DIE because I know what is coming!)
Cooper (giggling)- COOKIES!!!!!
Dr. Jan was not amused.

I have always been of the belief that something is better than nothing. Clearly not in this case! Since that time- breakfast is a must in our house and it never includes cookies.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Egg on my Face


No school for the boys & lots of snow = happy kid & momma eating crow!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gladys Loves Jesus (among other things!)

Recently after church, we started heading to breakfast at E!isteins Bagels. It is ALWAYS miserable (crowded, loud, overpriced and with uncomfortable seating) but we continue to go. It's easy, close by and they have good bagels. Today I couldn't handle the stress of it all any longer so we drove a mile further and arrived in the pure delight of P@anera Bread. I love it there! We sat by the fire, Cooper enjoyed hot chocolate, Jon and I read the paper and our bagels were significantly less expensive. It was also not crowded and the other patrons were just as happy as we were to be there.

We left after almost 2 hours and came home to spend the rest of the day in front of our fireplace reading, watching TV and in my case....jumping from blog to blog. A perfect way to spend the afternoon.

I was reading this blog, and typically don't click to watch videos, but decided differently this time. This made me laugh so hard that I couldn't resist borrowing it for myself. I think whenever I am having a bad day, I'll take a 7 minute break and will be instantly cheered!

Ok, worth it?? Definitely!! We are having a Bible Study reunion dinner on Tuesday and I think this MUST be our theme- can't wait!

Jon and Cooper have left in search of snow pants- because it is supposed to snow and Jon is convinced that they will have no school. Seriously?? That's all Cooper needed to hear and so he's planning on going skiing tomorrow. Someone forgot to mention that it is rare that the weatherman is correct. Wonder who will break it to our more than excited 6 year old that in addition to there not being any snow- he will also have to attend school rather than hitting the slopes. Nice- oh well, all in a days work!

Hope you have good week-