Sunday, March 8, 2009

If I were the President....

This came home in Cooper's book bag on Friday.

It made me laugh out loud- it also made me proud that at least I have instilled in that kid the importance of starting your day off right! It was a parenting lesson learned the hard way for me.

I cannot say that breakfast in our house is always completely healthy. I am forever mortified by the time that our pediatrician asked Cooper what he had eaten for breakfast that day. The conversation went like this.

Dr. Jan- Did you eat breakfast today?
Cooper- Yes.
Dr. Jan- What did you have....oh wait- let me guess!! Cereal?
Cooper- No
Dr. Jan- Pancakes?
Cooper- No
Dr. Jan- Oatmeal?
Cooper- No
Dr. Jan- Yogurt?
Cooper- No
Dr. Jan- I give up- tell me what you ate for breakfast
(note at this point I am ready to crawl under the table and DIE because I know what is coming!)
Cooper (giggling)- COOKIES!!!!!
Dr. Jan was not amused.

I have always been of the belief that something is better than nothing. Clearly not in this case! Since that time- breakfast is a must in our house and it never includes cookies.


The Browns said...

Love it!!!

The Browns said...

Simon just came home with his...

"If I were president I'd fly to Africa to get a new pet." replace your old one??

Love those kids!