Saturday, March 28, 2009

Missing this Face....(just a teeny bit)!!


These are the finished planes from last weekend- they turned out really well and now have a place on the shelves in the family room. At least for now!

This is the coveted Indian Guides weekend (see here for details from the fall session). My list this time is much less involved.

Friday- eat a great dinner (I bought a filet and had it and some awesome mashed potatoes) and watch the 2 episodes of Grey's and 1 each of Desperate & Bro/Sisters.

Saturday- sleep in, do laundry, accept delivery of new bedroom furniture, read the pile of magazines that continues to grow (although without my favorites- RIP Country Home & Cottage Living) and attend the 50th birthday party for a friends hubby.

Sunday- playing it by ear!

I adore being alone, but really only because I know that my boys are having the best time (did I mention that it rained cats and dogs last night?) and that being all by myself makes me appreciate them all the more when they arrive home- dirty, wet and full of stories and smiles.

Cooper has been looking forward to this weekend for months- and secretly, I think Jon has too. We did make a trip on Thursday to purchase an air mattress. As he said, "you know, I'm not getting any younger and that hard ground nearly killed me last time".

So far, I've rec'd 2 text messages-

The 1st in response to my "how are things?"- a single word- WET and then this one around lunchtime today- Cooper was the top shooter in his age group for our tribe! Ahh, we're so proud!

So, yes....I'm missing that face- but I know he's smiling and having the time of his life.

Me too!!!

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The Browns said...


Bedroom furniture??? Do tell!

Friend's 50th birthday?? I was just thinking that Brian's is going to be hear before I know it. (Shhh...don't tell him I said that!)

Yay for Cooper (and Jon too - you know he was doubly proud!)!