Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Generation Gap?

Cooper spent Spring Break with my parents, and when he came home (almost 2 weeks ago) he told me that he was glad to be home because "Grandma and Pappy talk sort of weird". Huh??

Apparently they used words for things that he thought were strange. I asked him to expand....and he couldn't remember any of the specifics. He said that they called coats something that "drove him crazy". Ok....jacket, overcoat, cover up? Nope- none of those.

This morning I told him that he'd need to wear a fleece AND his coat because his class is having their Easter Egg Hunt today (long story- but it made sense in September). And he yelled-- "POLAR TEC!! That's what they always said. POLAR TEC, it drove me crazy". Seriously? Then he started saying- Cooper, come put on your polar tec, Cooper, don't forget your polar tec, Cooper, do you need your polar tec? Hilarious!!
My parents are wild about fleece, er- polar tec. Clearly, it rubbed my funny kid the wrong way.

Then on the way to school he says, "Oh- the other one they said was waste basket. How come they don't just say trash can??

Honestly- the things he latches on to make me laugh so hard!!

Only 15 minutes until the Easter Egg Hunt- I'm off today to play the part of Mom extraordinaire and I cannot wait!!!

Have a great day-


The Browns said...

This had me laughing out loud - on a day I really needed it - thank you! He is CLEARLY you're child! Heart him!

Lora said...

I'm totally in accordance with him!
My grandparents used to say things like davenport, hassock, rubbers (rain boots!!), trousers, etc.