Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gladys Loves Jesus (among other things!)

Recently after church, we started heading to breakfast at E!isteins Bagels. It is ALWAYS miserable (crowded, loud, overpriced and with uncomfortable seating) but we continue to go. It's easy, close by and they have good bagels. Today I couldn't handle the stress of it all any longer so we drove a mile further and arrived in the pure delight of P@anera Bread. I love it there! We sat by the fire, Cooper enjoyed hot chocolate, Jon and I read the paper and our bagels were significantly less expensive. It was also not crowded and the other patrons were just as happy as we were to be there.

We left after almost 2 hours and came home to spend the rest of the day in front of our fireplace reading, watching TV and in my case....jumping from blog to blog. A perfect way to spend the afternoon.

I was reading this blog, and typically don't click to watch videos, but decided differently this time. This made me laugh so hard that I couldn't resist borrowing it for myself. I think whenever I am having a bad day, I'll take a 7 minute break and will be instantly cheered!

Ok, worth it?? Definitely!! We are having a Bible Study reunion dinner on Tuesday and I think this MUST be our theme- can't wait!

Jon and Cooper have left in search of snow pants- because it is supposed to snow and Jon is convinced that they will have no school. Seriously?? That's all Cooper needed to hear and so he's planning on going skiing tomorrow. Someone forgot to mention that it is rare that the weatherman is correct. Wonder who will break it to our more than excited 6 year old that in addition to there not being any snow- he will also have to attend school rather than hitting the slopes. Nice- oh well, all in a days work!

Hope you have good week-

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