Sunday, August 3, 2008

So much fun!!

This weekend was SO MUCH FUN!

Jon has a yearly "guys weekend" with his 4 best friends from childhood although this year only 3 could make it. They spend the time at the river- fishing, catching up and laughing about old times and making new memories to be talked about for years to come. He looks forward to it for months, and secretly (or not so much) I do too! It's a time for Cooper and I to spend doing whatever together and a time for Jon to relax and relish some guy time.

The highlight of our whatever time this weekend was a party to welcome the most adorable little girl to her forever family. My sorority sister Denise and her husband welcomed Maggie to their family in April. Maggie is an angel- she's happy, funny and so adorable!

The get-together was at Alison & Sean's home (they are the perfect hosts!) and it was fantastic to see everyone. The food was delicious and company priceless. I felt like I had been transported back to college- we laughed and told stories, tried to remember names and faces and got all sorts of details mixed up. It was simply a perfect afternoon!

I am so blessed to be included in this wonderful circle of friends!

Here are all of the kids- how great is this??

They played all afternoon and into the evening- the culminating activity was roasting marshmallows and making s'mores. Cooper and Nate were huge fans of the dessert- but not so much on me trying to capture the moment.

I'm sad that Jon wasn't able to be a part of the celebration, but happy that we were each spending time with such special friends!

Thanks to my wonderful KD sisters for such a great day!

We had to travel a bit for the party and so didn't get home until late. There was a message waiting on our answering machine from my friend Sallie, inviting us for a swim in the morning. Well, sure- we'll be there! The weather was amazing, and so after sleeping in (a guilty pleasure) we drove to Sallie's.

Cooper and Sarah Clay are funny together- they've existed since Cooper was born as these sort of parallel friends....they alternate between being obsessed with each other to practically ignoring each other. It depends on the day and the subject matter and they're always in perfect sync as to what the plan will be. Today was swimming and Pokemon and so things went well.

Jon and Savannah got back from the river....and we ended the weekend with a walk/bike ride (Cooper's 1st without training wheels!). Ahhh....the milestones continue!

Family, friends and creating happy memories- it doesn't get any better!!


Denise said...

No it doesn't get better than that! I so enjoyed visiting with you and meeting little Cooper. We need to get he and Nate together again.
Thanks again for your sweet gift for Maggie!
Hope to see you soon~

Alison said...

Little Sis!
It was a truly perfect day! I loved seeing you and your adorable son -- he's precious! I'm so happy that we were all together and you're right, the years just melted away.
Love you so much!

The Browns said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

Its me! Dawn! Clearly, I have A LOT of catching up to do! Since I am obsessed, you won't be surprised if I go back and read all the old posts and comment on each and every one of them, right? I mean, we ARE friends!