Monday, August 11, 2008

I LOVE the Olympics!

Is there anything more awesome than the Olympics? Since Friday night, I have been immersed and I can't get enough.

The opening ceremonies were fantastic- Cooper and I watched (he fell asleep before the parade of athletes but he gave it his best shot). I was crying before they even played the Olympic theme song. Cooper looked at me and sort of rolled his eyes. "You're crying because you're happy, aren't you?" "How come you always do that, Momma?"

How come you ask? Because I am quite possibly the most emotional & sentimental person alive when it comes to patriotism and realizing dreams. And in case you don't know me that well, I also cry at Hallmark, Kodak, McDonald's and all of the inspirational Olympic commercials and whenever I'm scared or overcome with pride. I wore a paper cupcake flag pinned to my shirt every day for a more than a month after 9/11- until it literally disintegrated. I'm THAT person.

And so tonight, with the help of my trusty DVR, I watched the men's 400 freestyle relay team win the gold from an over-confident French team again, and again and again. And I cried.

I love the Olympics!

PS- can you imagine how proud Cullen Jones' mom is after tonight? First the commercial, and then, Olympic GOLD! I bet you anything- she's crying!


The Browns said...

So would you be open to the idea of watching some good old fashioned, only happens every 4 years Olympics instead of throwin' bones??

Denise said...

I am also enjoying the Olympics, but I guess for a different reason. Being that China is where Maggie is from it has been very emotional for me. I cried as all of the Chinese children carried the flag out...

3 Peanuts said...

I am loving the olympics too!