Thursday, April 12, 2012

thankful thursday

i just got a text from jon.
bear in mind that I'm downstairs and he's upstairs.

jon's text to me- "a message just popped up on facebook saying that it's diana's birthday this week"

my text to him- "yup- i gave her her present already. thx for looking out for me honey. love you.

jon's text to me- "just didn't want you to miss birthday week."

does it bother me that he texted me vs. coming down to talk face to face?
it's not lost on me- but somehow his message via text meant more than having this same exchange live.

here is why-

*because it's captured in black and white- and i can go back and re-live the moment and how loved it made me feel.

*because he knows how much i love my friend.....and he knows how much birthday week means to her!

*because he's learned so much over the years about what makes me happy and how important remembering special days can be.

*because he paid attention and took action.....

*because its a small thing but it conveys how much he loves me.

i'm so thankful for him.

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The Browns said...

OH MY! I am SO happy for him too!! This totally made my heart smile - thank you honey!!

And thank you, Jon!!