Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brace yourself....

We've been waiting for this for years...braces.

We went for a consultation at the orthodontist today. It wasn't at all what I expected- which isn't a bad thing at all.

Our consultation lasted for 90 minutes and was a fantastic experience. Maybe I think that because at the end of the visit I didn't need to sign on the dotted line to begin treatment. Or, maybe it was a combination of really friendly people, a cheery office, a doctor with a sense of humor and a concierge who knew her stuff.

Regardless, we walked out with a plan. Oddly, the plan didn't include braces (I know- SHOCKING). Evidently our sweet kid doesn't have enough teeth to warrant any closing of the existing gaps and we're 2-3 years away from all heavy metal.

The plan does include some oral surgery. Eek.
Most people have 32 teeth. Our kid...has 33.
Technically a supernumerary left upper lateral incisor. And it must be extracted.

Here's the detail.....the original copy of this xray now functions as the front page of Cooper's notebook. He's all the rage in 5th grade!


Anywoooo....we've got an appointment for another consultation to discuss removal. Poor little thing. He's excited though- and will tell anyone who seems even vaguely interested all about "the extra tooth that needs to be yanked". If you see him, feel free to ask.

So, a few more years until braces but in the meantime we're clearing the path for the right teeth to come in and fill in that gummy/toothy grin.

Gotta love that kid!!!

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