Thursday, October 11, 2012

Slaying the Ladies

I haven't posted for a while....there is so much to capture and not enough time to do it in. I need to dedicate an afternoon and catch up! In the meantime, I HAD to post this. Since we've moved, Cooper has been building more and more confidence with every day. He loves our new house, our new town, his new friends and to celebrate, he has a new attitude. He's still the same sweet boy but with a dose of easy that makes him visably more comfortable in his own skin. It warms my heart and makes me smile. Some days, it makes me laugh out loud.
I was in Colorado for a few days earlier this week and as such wasn't in charge of the morning routine. Jon sent this picture to show me what Coop wore to school on Tuesday. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Yes, those are sweat pants, a tshirt, Vans, pink shoelaces and a navy blue blazer. He also combed his hair straight forward. And he never had a doubt that he looked FANTASTIC. I've come to adore this about him- that he's comfortable enough in his own skin to make choices, set trends and be who he wants to be. He told me that a girl said to him that "real men wear pink"- of course they do! This wouldn't have happened a year probably wouldn't have happened a month ago, but a lot can happen in a few months and that sweet kid is proof that sometimes change is not just good, but great!! Hope the sight of this proud little kid makes you sure did for me!

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Christa said...

Cool, really cool. Congrats to those shoe laces. But no close-up?