Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Kid....


Is going to 2nd grade in the morning.

Until 6pm tonight, the only school supply he had was his back pack from last year and a new lunchbox that I bought during an earlier trip to L*ands End. We now have everything on the list except for 2 of the 3 glue sticks. I think he'll be ok.

I think I've procrastinated for a few reasons....

1) it's my nature and a huge personal flaw of mine
2) he doesn't have the teacher that I wanted him to have and although I can count a ton of reasons that it will probably work out in the end, it doesn't make it any easier for me to accept now
3) he's in 2nd grade!!! he may as well be graduating this year he's so BIG!
4) the one friend that he's nuts about isn't in his class and it's not the teacher that he wanted either. since he's not excited about it, its even harder for me to get in gear
5) i hurt for him

Whatever the reason, tomorrow will come and he'll walk into a classroom with 20 other children- ready to start a new year and learn new things.

I want him to love 2nd grade as much as he loved 1st....I hope it happens. It has to.


The Browns said...

Hoping the first day went great - can't wait to hear the update!

PS - LOVE that picture! I will show Simon before we leave for Hawaii in hopes of inspiring him. Cooper made quite an impression on him!

Jennifer Barnum said...

My sister & you have so much in common. I have to forward her this post. Hope you don't mind.