Saturday, May 7, 2011

Car -1 Garage- 0 (or, how to spend $1K without even trying)

Wednesday morning was cloudy, cold and rainy. The perfect day for sleeping in.
So I did.

Until a little voice said, "hey momma, can you check the clock?"
So I did.

Cooper needs to be at school between 8:05 and 8:20.


I've never been more efficient...I barked orders, threw lunch into his lunchbox and grabbed the keys.

We were in the car by 8:12
And then I heard a noise I've not heard before.

Yup, I backed out of the garage prior to the door being all the way up.

My car suffered no damage at all (yay).
The door however suffered a different fate.

At first the door was stuck open- at least I was able to exit the garage and get Cooper to school. But a stuck door wasn't going to be ok.

I sent Jon a message and within 20 minutes, he was home. I've never known him to leave school in the middle of the day for any reason. Evidently your wife driving into the garage door hit a new level of emergency.

He was able to get the door down and called someone to come and assess the damage.
I can think of soooo many other ways I would have rather used $1K. Sadly, we had no choice as the door was not able to be saved.

I'm now being VERY careful upon entering and exiting the garage.
No need for a re-match.

My advice for you....always look before you leave.
Hope your week was better than mine!

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dana said...

oh no you didn't!! i'm shocked and secretly relieved that you did something like this, something that i would not at all be surprised if i did, though have never done. i'm shocked at how much it costs!! yikes. the damage didn't look too bad? alas, i'm super impressed with your timing of getting out the door, or shall i say "into" the door. heeeheee.