Thursday, June 2, 2011

Messages from home (Thankful Thursday)

Before I left for London, Cooper was beside himself with worry about how long I was going to be gone and what was he going to do without me.

I told him that I was only an e-mail away and when he missed me he should ask Jon to help him log in and send me a message. I never expected that the result would be one of the best gifts I've ever received.

On Tuesday afternoon I got this (exactly as it reads below)-

Dear momma
How was your trip well if it was'nt good i will tell you something extraordinary i got a 100 on my religion test. Things have been going a little weird around hear well first daddy said he could flip a pancake before my eyes. Somehow it turned out great, for him not the pancake. There were little pancake bits all over the stove so being daddy he just put the pan right on top of the pancake bits and it sizzled. After he finished the bits were stuck to the stove. We began to panic, so I came to rescues and brook out the cook top cleaner. That ended the problem.the second thing that happed was we came in the door and spiderzilla was greeting us and guess what was on her back babies. Millions of them. as soon as daddy saw it he threw gypsy so fast i thought i woud never see that dawg again. He stopped on it rapidly picked it up and trew it in the waste basket.

love you


Oh my word- that kid is hilarious and sweet and SO MY CHILD!!!!


My response to him-

Dear Cooper-

My flight to London was stupendous. I was able to sleep restfully on the plane and we arrived in England safely.
I am thrilled beyond words that you got 100 on your religion test- that IS extraordinary news!! I'm so proud of you.

Your story about the pancake bits made me laugh! I laughed out loud. I'm so glad you were there to come to the rescue. What would Daddy do without you?

SPIDERZILLA?????? With millions of baby spiderzilla's??? OH MY WORD. Good thinking for Daddy to step on it and then throw it away. Poor Gypsy- that funny dog probably didn't know what in the world happened.

Let me tell you about London- even though they speak English, it's a little hard to understand sometimes. I have to listen really hard. I've had some good things to eat that are different from the USA- this morning I had a crumpet. It's a little like an English Muffin but more doughy. I liked it but I think I like English Muffins better.

I also had a weird thing happen here- somehow my zipper broke on my pants- it just fell right off in my hand as I was trying to zip up my pants. That's not good at all! Oh well, at least I had another pair.

I'm so glad you wrote to me- I loved getting an e-mail from you.
Hope you slept well and that Gypsy snuggled with you all night long.

Are Grandma and Pappy there now? Tell them I said hi!

I love you Cooper- tell Daddy I love him too!

And his heartbreaking yet hysterical reply to me on Wednesday.

Momma thank you for replying back to me. Today for dinner we copied a recipe from a cook book from the library BBQed chicken and it tasted so good and i wish you were there. Momma the days here have felt like weeks and i cant wait for you to come home. Once my pants fell down in art class and i walked in the room with my pants on my knees and Mrs. Craig yelled PULL UP YOUR PANTS so lowed i thought the room would split in half. Momma what time are u coming back. me and daddy made bee food. 4 hours earlier daddy put the top of the bee hive on wrong and the bees got mad and almost stung me on the head but my cat like reflexes through them off. Come home that is an order mam.

love Cooper

I am so thankful for:

  • safe flights

  • the magic of e-mail

  • 3rd grade teachers who transfer their love of creative writing to their students

  • Dads who flip pancakes with disastrous results

  • parents who drop everything to come help make our lives better just by being there

  • cook top cleaner

  • cat like reflexes

  • 8 year olds who love their momma


melissa said...

love this so much. I love flooded of what is to come as mine get older. this is the type of email/blogpost that is saved forever.

Jennifer Barnum said...

Cooper needs to be a writer for SNL and I am not kidding. "Cat like reflexes?"...where does he get this stuff? Funny & sweet kid!!!

The Browns said...

love love love love LOVE this post!!!