Friday, June 17, 2011


Cooper's last day as an 8 year old was spent at camp.
His last day at camp was his 1st day being a 9 year old.
Thankfully, camp ended at noon and I got to pick him up and spoil him for the remainder of the day!

While you're at camp, the only communication is via cards, letters and e-mails that are printed off and delivered to the campers after lunch each day.

This was our email message to our favorite 9 year old on the planet.


happy birthday cooper!!!
hAPPy BIrtHdAy CoOPer!!!

Because you're turning 9, here are 9 things about you that are AWESOME-

1) You can shoot a foul shot (and make it!)
2) You can hit a home run
3) You are the funniest kid we know
4) You love animals, especially a really fluffy "dawg"
5) You are a splendid writer
6) You can tie your shoes
7) You are a good friend
8) You love GOD
9) You are the perfect little kid for our family!!

We love, love, love you!!
Momma & Dad


We headed to the river to meet Jon & finish the birthday celebration.

Fortunately, I had planned every detail to make the most of his day.
Unfortunately, Jon didn't get the memo....


Fortunately, my sweet kid didn't mind one bit that his cake was a complete disaster.
Unfortunately, he needed quite a few blows to get ALL THOSE CANDLES taken care of.


Fortunately, his presents made up for any shortcomings with the cake.


Unfortunately, our blanket wrapping paper didn't conceal our gift for long!

Fortunately, there was a double rainbow on his big day.

Unfortunately, that meant we couldn't head out in the boat for some birthday fishing.

Fortunately, we were perfectly content to hang out with our river family and enjoy being together again!!

(yes, that's whole milk tied with a bow- Cooper's favorite and a treat that he only gets at the river!!!)

There's no place like home and nothing like feeling & being completely loved!!


Happy Birthday little kid!
We sure do love you-

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Happy birthday cute kid!