Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Almost 15 Minutes of Fame

We went to visit my parents this weekend- a weekend with nothing special, just the chance to spend some long overdue time together.

My mom had a little surprise up her sleeve though....on Sunday, HGTV was filming a new show nearby and the public was invited to participate.

I was totally on board- and so this morning at 11:30, we headed out the door. We were determined to see the spaces, but didn't hold out much hope of being one of the 1st 100 people- the lucky ones who actually get to vote & be on TV.


This is what we saw-


Hmm- that doesn't look like more than 100 people.....maybe we're in luck.



My mom with her ballot.....we're going to be on TV!!!

They had us all standing together as they got the opening scenes for the show- we must have done 5 takes.....and that was before the "star" of the show arrived.


Anyone a Bachelor fan?? Yup, the guy in the suit (on a 100 degree day) is Bob Guiney- the former Bachelor star who has a decorating side that we don't yet know. He's debuting as the host of the show.

We stood in the blazing hot sun while the cameras took multiple shots and the director yelled at us to make sure we were "in the know".


We were at the bottom of the steps....just mere feet from the door- and the chance to rate the space, give our opinion and vote for a winner when tragedy struck.

I started to feel a little dizzy....and then stars started to appear in front of my eyes....and I had to borrow my mothers travel stool....and I had to put my head between my legs so I didn't faint.


I couldn't go on...there were just too many people, the sun was too hot and my body decided that it couldn't function any longer. My sweet mother walked me out of line, explained to concerned on-lookers that I was ok, and we took refuge in the shade. A kind stranger brought ice water and I slowly recovered.

And while my blood sugar returned to normal, 98 other people toured the houses and offered their best decorating advice.

I was devastated.
And so, my 15 minutes of fame (and my moms 15 too) were squashed....

Maybe we'll be in the intro of the episode....and maybe we won't.
Regardless, it was a fun few hours and a super way to spend some quality time with my fabulous mom!

Thanks Mom- I sure do love you. Sorry we couldn't see the least we can say we were there.



Dee Stephens said...

What a bummer but I'm glad you're okay! The heat was brutal this weekend.
As for good ole' Bob hosting that show.. PUHLEASE! LOL! I met him once and he's pretty lame.

Kathy said...

Goodness Caro, I hope you recovered? What happened to you? So sorry you missed it.