Tuesday, July 19, 2011

nothing better-

Cooper is a big fan of the present.
Big presents, little presents.....he's not picky. He loves them all.

He didn't realize that being an usher comes with a thank you in the form of such a gift.


He decided that he wanted to wait to open it- so with a hug, Wade headed to the Rehearsal Dinner with his groomsmen.


And then couldn't stand it anymore and opened the card.


I love his concentration, and that he's old enough to read "grown up" handwriting.

If you had given that little kid a million dollars, he couldn't have been more thrilled. When he opened the bag, the 1st thing he found was a T3rvis Tumbler that says "Don't Mess with Texas".

Perfect! For some reason, he thinks that slogan is awesome. He begged me for a shirt with those words and actually won the "Sharpest Dressed" at camp while wearing it. (clearly, the stakes were high!)

And then..stop the madness.........could it be????


Oh my word......it is...




A genuine basketball jersey. Could anything be better??

Why yes. Yes it could.
The last words that Wade said to me before he walked across the street were-
"Tell him he can wear it tonight....and tomorrow night".



Nana and Aunt Leslie watched the whole exchange and knew full well how happy he was-


He may as well have done cartwheels!


Me, not so much-


At least he's happy.

Tune in tomorrow to see the jersey in all it's glory at the WEDDING.

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Dee Stephens said...

So cute! I didn't realize they had given it him.