Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

We had big plans for New Years Eve....


Jon, Cooper & Wade went fishing. They had a fantastic day for it and caught a rockfish. Thanks to Cooper, the fish was set free to ring in 2012!

I spent the day with my sweet river friends scoping out some fun shops and thinking about furniture placement at our new house.

Jon and I decided to take Cooper to a movie and "We Bought a *oo" seemed like a good choice. I should have done a little more homework because I wasn't quite prepared for the emotional toll it would have on me. My word.....I sobbed the entire time. Sweet Matt D, children with no mother, a boy who doesn't want to move but has to anyway, blowing the cover on the Easter Bunny and a dying tiger??? STOP THE MADNESS.

In all seriousness, I really did like the movie, it just was more than I bargained for in my current state of "on the verge" as we get closer to moving day.

After the movie we grabbed a pizza and then headed next door for a celebration. I was in charge of decorations. I have a New Years bag of treats and the favorite item of the night were these glasses.


Yes, they're from 2008. But if you look closely you'll see that part of the 8 is missing in an attempt to make them pass for the 2009 party. I'm nothing if not committed to the 3R's! I don't think these will be back next year.

Cooper made it until about 8:20. We toasted early with some sparkling cider and he was out for the count.


Sweet little thing.
Jon lasted about 2 more hours......
And for the 2nd year in a row, I'm the last one standing!


Hope you were able to ring in the New Year with the ones you love, whether it happened at 8pm, 10pm or midnight!

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Dee Stephens said...

You're really caught up on your blogging! LOVE IT!