Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our move by the numbers....

15- Trips to Good Will (before the move)
60- Books donated to Cooper's school book sale
4- Trips to the thrift store (after the move)
44- Total number of boxes packed by the packers
8- Remaining boxes to be unpacked
4- Number of boxes I packed myself only to have the packers unpack and repack them to their standards
11- Total number of people in my house at 11:30 AM on Friday (3 contractors- who may as well be family by now, 2 countertop installers, 1 cable guy and 7 movers). It was crazy!
3- Trips to the landfill to rid ourselves of trash and packing materials
1- Piece of furniture that didn't fit up the stairs (thankfully NOT our kingsize bed!)
30+ - Number of times Jon and I said, "can you believe we're here?" to each other
6- Number of hours I spent on Saturday unpacking aided by 3 of the most amazing women on the planet. I wouldn't have been nearly as "together" as I am without them. Love you girls!!
7- Number of boys who arrived in a pack to welcome Cooper to the neighborhood
4- Neighbors who have stopped by to deliver food, flowers or say welcome home

3- Happy new homeowners!!


dana said...

wow!! you guys have been busy bees. love that you have been welcomed into your new neighborhood by warm neighbors. i do miss that about the us.

for the love of a house said...

too cute and too funny about the movers repacking your boxes! the night before the movers came to pack us up in Dallas I had a dinner party. no one could believe that I wasn't packing things myself, but I figured that's what I was paying them the big bucks for!!! In the end we had 325 boxes :O... took me months to unpack!
I LOVED that 7 boys came over to welcome Cooper... and all the neighbors to meet you- sounds like a wonderful neighborhood!!