Thursday, March 29, 2012

Minimize it

This picture has nothing to do with my just makes me smile. This is Aunt Kathy and Cooper at her big 5-oh birthday party. I love his grin and how adorable he looks in those crazy glasses. I also love how much they love each other!

I want to remember his goofy little grin (and those adorable baby teeth)..I also want to remember the funny things that he says. They are coming less and less often these days but every once and a while he says something that is priceless.

Coop and I were driving home and he was telling me about something on the computer. He explained that he couldn't see the whole thing at one time on the screen....

He said, "Since I couldn't see the whole picture, I decided to minnie mize it."
It was like he was saying Minnie Mouse except minnie mize.

I couldn't resist...and I made him say it again. Except he's getting too smart and he said- "you know the word momma, I'm not sure exactly how to say it."

"Minimize buddy. Minimize."

I wish I could minnie mize him....and keep him in my pocket all the time.
So sweet that one.

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Dee Stephens said...

cute picture of Kathy and Cooper!