Monday, May 14, 2012

The 2nd 1st Day of 4th Grade

When we moved, we made the decision to leave Coop in school in Richmond. We thought it would give him some continuity and lessen the stress of moving. It was the right choice, for all of us at the time.

As the months have passed though, Cooper developed an interest in changing schools and that interest turned into a question about when he'd go to the new school...and then a request, "can i go to the new school". And Jon and I decided that if he was asking it was probably a sign.

It was- and it's been the best decision for all of us.


The 2nd 1st day of 4th grade was fabulous and full of change.

It started off with a good luck snuggle from a really great pup.


Notice that he's wearing a t-shirt. No t-shirts in private school....but in public school they are allowed. Cooper is over the moon about that!

No bus stop at private school either....


And if there is no bus stop in private school, that means no bus.


I felt like he was in kindergarten as that bus pulled away. I managed to hold it together but did follow the bus to school to meet him and make sure he was settled!

Day 1 went well.....the kids were so welcoming, his teacher is a doll, the bus driver is kind, the cafeteria holds promise (another 1st for him), and he's feeling completely comfortable (which is HUGE!).

Best thing for him about the 1st day? Not getting assigned the "haunted locker". What a good thing THAT is.

Can't wait for Day 2!

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