Sunday, June 17, 2012

My boys-

Today is a special day.

10 years ago today, my sweet husband became a father.


I love this shot. Cooper actually took it and if you look closely you can see both of us reflected in Jon's glasses.

10 years ago today, our lives changed forever.

10 years.
A decade.
Double digits.
It doesn't seem possible.


He's simply the sweetest, most kind, thoughtful, funny, loving, considerate and dedicated child on the planet. I love his little brain, his sense of humor, how independent he's become, how easily he's accepted the challenge of completely starting again and how excited he is to start each new day.

Happy Father's Day to the man I adore and to a wonderful dad.
Happy Birthday to the best kid I know.

I love you both more than words can say.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cooper!!! (Why did I have it in my head that his bday was JULY 17??) Happy Father's Day, Jon! Can't wait to celebrate together!

The Browns said...

Happy Day for your beautiful family!!

Lora said...

Happy Day to you all! I can't believe Cooper is ten! It sure is fun watching him grow.

Love to you all today and every day!