Saturday, July 28, 2012


It does a body good!


We picked Cooper up from camp today....what a difference a year makes.
Last year as soon as I drove up to the cabin, Cooper ran towards me at top speed.
This year, Jon and I drove up and got a nonchalant wave when he saw us.

It was a good feeling- and one that pulled at my heartstrings.
We got in the car, took a quick tour around the camp and headed home.

I offered him some milk as soon as we left the gates....his face was priceless.
It's hard to know exactly what the situation was, but he says that they only gave kids milk in the morning for their cereal. I cannot fathom not giving kids the option of drinking milk with their meals- sheesh.

Did he love it? No.
Did he have a good time? Yes
Does he want to go back next year? Not to this camp- he has a new appreciation for the camp he attended last year and I think we'll try to make that happen.
Did he have some funny stories? Yes!
Is he glad he went? Yes.
Is his confidence higher than when he left? Yes.
Is he glad to be home? YES!!

Are we glad to have him home?? YES, YES, YES!!!!

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Christa said...

Love your stories. The camp story reminded me of my children and summer camp. Oh my, will have to contemplate whether I am going to tell William about his mother ...