Friday, July 27, 2012

This Just In....

Jon went to the Post Office to grab our mail (yes, that's right- we don't have a mailbox at our takes some getting used to but I LOVE it now!) and guess what was there???

Letters from COOP!!

Here is his post card-


We couldn't be more thrilled....
But, the best part was his letter (exactly as it was written)-

Dear Mom and Dad,

Top bunk is not that great, here is why the air conditioning can't get up here. Some things that have been cool are the wet willie, carpet ball, sailing, Ski School and our cottage. I am going to send you another letter tomorrow.


P.S. Can you send some candy cause all the people in my cabin are stuffing down stuff.

Turn page

When I turned the page, this is what I saw-


Oh my word!!! If you know my kid then you realize how dire the situation is to have no milk. He can't get through a meal let alone a week without milk!!

I'll be packing a 1/2 gallon in a cooler for him to drink on the way home when I pick him up! Sweet little thing!!

Oh, my heart is so happy right now-

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