Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Butcher, The Baker....

Haven't posted a picture in ages...and I found this one on my camera. I took it a few weeks ago while we were making brownies to take to a friends house for dinner.

The dinner was the result of a last minute call to our friends George and Jess. I wanted to do something fun and that turned into an impromptu dinner at their house with a new experience- Indian food. So exciting, and really tasty! Cooper and I decided that we should make some brownies and I happened to have everything we needed. He was hilarious- and insisted on doing everything himself. He was so proud of himself and his baking skills.

Great night, great friends, great food- great brownies!!

PS- Happy Birthday Mom!!! Hope your day is perfect-

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The Browns said...

He is so darn beautiful!

I LOVED the story about his momma's note in his locker. That's why we love blogging.