Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am at home, with my family and doing things that are important- making dinner for my husband, washing the laundry, feeding the cat, and most important of all, tucking my baby into bed. I am thankful that things are returning to "normal".

On Tuesday, my boss told me to take Wednesday off. I almost cried. I told Cooper that I'd pick him up from school and we'd go on an adventure. I figured we'd go to Dick's and look at the camping supplies and maybe eat some ice cream. Cooper had a different idea. He wanted to go on a real adventure, "somewhere that we've never been before". And so I figured out a plan. I'd pick him up from school and we'd take a trip to a rock store. He could choose a treasure from the store and then we'd go for ice cream. I am thankful for the perfect plan!

When I picked him up he was beside himself. He had a book that he could hardly wait to read to me. His reading is amazing! It just all started to click for him and each time he picks something up, he's amazed with his own skills. I am thankful that he loves to read, and that it's coming easily to him. On the way to the rock store, he read the story of Sly Fox and Red Hen. His little voice warmed my heart.

The rock shop couldn't have been more of an adventure if I had wished for it! The building is a little cottage, sort of run down and standing alone on the side of a busy highway. I was a little nervous about going inside but figured- how crazy could it be? The place was covered, stacked, piled, layered, balanced and just chock full of stuff. Not just rocks and stamps- but postcards, buttons, rocks, gemstones, bones, teeth, jewelry parts, magazines, fossils, snake skins and beads. We wandered around and the owners were so gracious. They answered all of our questions and showed us anything that we wanted to see. There was a woman who had to be at least 108 sitting at a desk separating stamps. People came in and out with all sorts of requests- and Cooper was mesmerized. We left about 90 minutes later with the following:

1 alligator tooth that glows under black light
1 fossil dating back at least 3 million years
1 arrowhead made from obsidian
1 stingray tooth (valued at 20 cents)

Total bill- $4.60
An afternoon spent on an adventure with my son- priceless
I am thankful for this time, for the unconditional love that we have for each other and for the look on his face as he arranged his treasures on the shelf in his bedroom.


Anonymous said...

I am way behind on my blog stalking so as soon as I catch up I will post some fabulous and funny comments. I know you miss me. Right? Right? Hello? Are you there? Its Dawn. Remember me, the funny Indian one? Miss your emails!

The Browns said...

I LOVE this post!! What a beautiful, beautiful memory.

And I MUST know about this store!

PS - Simon made a trip to the "caberns" while we were away. He loved it!