Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Remember my new job.....well, something I didn't realize was that "disaster recovery" is a part of my job description. And this week, a region of the company experienced a disaster- GUSTAV (I can't stand that guy!!). So....I gave up my holiday weekend to help prepare to assist in making sure that our friends further south were ok. I worked on Sunday, for 14 hours on Monday and late each night this week. I also took a conference call before seeing Jimmy Buffett....but I drew the line and hung up exactly at 6pm. I do have standards! That being said, I did come home each night to a cool house with bright lights burning and my sweet, sweet family anxiously waiting to welcome me.

I am thankful that the storm was not worse, that lives were spared and that I work for a company that truly is concerned about the well being of its associates. I am so blessed and I know that- but part of me struggled so much with leaving my family and was irritated that I was making a sacrifice. I feel so many people made larger sacrifices- and still are.....

Jon and I had the BEST TIME EVER at the concert- seriously, the BEST TIME EVER. Our seats were fantastic- we were actually in the 10th row (2 rows better than I thought). I took some pictures, but need to figure out how to get them out of Jon's iPhone. We felt like we were royalty- and couldn't stop giving each other high fives and saying, "can you believe this??"!!
At one point, Jon leaned over and said- I can see the hairs on Jimmy's legs! So great.
I am thankful for the joy that we shared, for the time that we had together and for the memories that we have from that night.

There is a story about how Paula Deen met her husband that I can't get out of my head. She was really sad and lonely, and so she said a prayer over and over. God, please send me a neighbor. And He did. She met her husband when she was walking her dog on a route that she had never taken before. Anywhooooo- I've been praying for a neighbor. Not necessarily because I'm sad and lonely, but because I once had a neighbor who was/is also an amazing friend, and I miss that. And because there are 2/3 lots behind our house that have been vacant since 1960 and now, 1 has been sold and the others remain on the market. And a neighbor may bring a fun 6 year old friend for Cooper and all sorts of possibilities.

Last week, I was talking to one of our neighbors from further down the street and something made me ask her whether she walked in the mornings. And she did! I asked her when she walked, and she said 5:30-6:15. That is the only time that I can walk in the morning- Jon leaves at 6:30 and I cannot possibly wake up before 5 (I'm SO not a morning person). I asked her whether I could join her- and she said- Sure! And so, I am thankful for God's answer to my prayer.

Seems like this weekend may bring a relative of Gustav's to our parts.....I am hopeful that we won't be needing any disaster recovery. Stay tuned-

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The Browns said...

Your post made me smile for so many reasons! I LOVED that you and Jon and such a great time.

I am SO proud of you for taking this leap and starting an early morning routine with a new friend. I am SO proud!