Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny Kid

The Coopster has a great sense of humor and lately has made me belly laugh quite often. These are the 2 most recent.

Story 1-

I called Jon yesterday to tell him that I was on my way home. Cooper answered his iPhone, so I talked to him instead.

Me: Hi Little, what are you doing?
Him: Just playing
Me: Oh good. I just called to say that I'm leaving work and will see you soon.
Him: Ok. Momma?
Me: Yes?
Him: Can I buy a football?
Me: Do you have any money?
Him: Yes.
Me: How much do you have?
Him: Four dollars.
Me: What kind of football did you want to buy?
Him: Nerf.
Me: Do you know where they have those?
Him: T*rget.
Me: When did you think that you'd go to T*rget?
Him: Tonight.
Me: Who is going to take you to T*rget?
Him: Daddy
Me: Really? Daddy is going to T*rget tonight?
Him: Well, he doesn't know it yet, but he is.
Me: (laughing because I know there is no way that Jon is going to T*rget for a Nerf football on a random Tuesday night) Buddy, if you can get Daddy to take you to T*rget tonight, I'll give you the money for the football myself.
Him: Ok, hold on a minute
Him: (yelling) Hey Daddy, Mommy said you need to take me to T*rget right now!

The Result: There was no trip to T*rget last night.

Story 2-

Cooper stayed home today because he had a bit of the runs. Poor kid! So the entire day he's dying for a trip to T*rget....and finally at 5pm, I give in. He has $4 that is burning a hole in his pocket. But, it's sort of hard for me to pull myself away from the computer and so the kid hears 'we're leaving now' probably about 15 times. He got frustrated...and rang the doorbell, knocked on the door, brought me my purse, my keys and all but shed a tear to get me to move. I finally say- Ok, ok and start to get myself together. Since I'm now physically moving, Cooper goes down the steps and apparently gets in the car.

I'm sort of oblivious to the fact that Jon has come home during all of this, but he has. I hear some scuttle and then him talking to Cooper. So I go downstairs, say hi to Jon and let him know that we're headed to T*rget. He seems good with that (especially since it doesn't involve him) and we're off.

As I'm backing out of the garage, Cooper says, "Momma, I'm glad you weren't ready to go right away because I had fun scaring Daddy". Huh?? Then he says- "Daddy didn't know that I was in the car waiting for you and I hopped out when he came into the garage and it really scared him to death."

Ok- I'm DYING!!

I am picturing this- Cooper goes downstairs, gets into the car and is calmly waiting for me to come to take him to T*rget. Jon is clueless about this and pulls into the driveway, unloads his supplies and walks into the garage through the door with supplies in hand. Cooper is excited to see his dad, so he opens the car door- at which point Jon freaks out and thinks that someone has been hiding in the car and is now coming out to attack him. He reacts, jumps 2 feet and is ready to take on his attacker- who happens to be his now hysterical 6-year old son!

I couldn't drive out of the driveway, I was laughing so hard. Jon comes over to the car, because he realizes that Cooper has relayed the story and he says- He's killing me. Honey, I could feel hair standing up on the back of my neck I was so scared. (Now, I can hardly breathe!) Oh, how I wish I had film on that one!!

**Please note that I am laughing so hard right now I can hardly see!!**

Lots of laughter- lots of love!!!


The Browns said...

He is a funny kid!

I can totally picture you cracking up - I'm sure making his momma laugh so hard is half the fun! I love this about you!

Denise said...

I am laughing here too! Kids are so funny. I also enjoyed your pumpkin pictures...we hope to get some this weekend~