Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Our week has been good!

I am thankful for (in no particular order):

Diet Coke (terrible, I know)

Jon and I being completely in sync this week- we needed this!

Cold weather- although I complain, it's so nice to be able to smell fall.

The time that Cooper and Jon have spent together this week- starting with the Homecoming Parade last Friday. How great is this picture-- and how important does our 6 year old feel being a part of the gang!

Some quality family time playing games (Jon is teaching Cooper to play chess and he is completely into it). Checkers is more my speed.

A safe arrival in Iraq of Christopher...and the peace that his sister is feeling because of it.

A reprieve for Angela- time away from her older 2 to take some time for herself & Rory. We had a great chuckle together and she sounded terrific.

Looking forward to the weekend- a big play date for Cooper since there is no school on Friday, a Halloween party on Saturday and a night out for Jon and me with some dear old friends.

My walking neighbor- I am enjoying this time (albeit very early) so much.

Quiet time at T*rget earlier this week.....those aisles are therapeudic!

Rats- I just realized that it's only Wednesday......does that tell you anything about where my brain is?? Oh well-whatever the day, I am grateful for each one that I have!


Denise said...

Tag, you're it...go to my blog~

The Browns said...

Thank you my sweet friend...for everything!