Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, Weekend in Review & 7 Weird Things

Denise tagged me to tell 7 weird things about myself, and before I follow the directions and play along I want to talk about Halloween- and my 1st weird thing!

Cooper opted out of Halloween this year. I'm a fan of Halloween- not necessarily for myself (because I can never think of a really good costume- and no, this isn't my weird thing) but for little kids because they are so darn adorable in their outfits, and because it's such fun to decorate the house! Anyway, when I asked Cooper what he wanted to be this year, he said that he didn't want to be anything. Huh? But you're 6, and there is candy (to this he said that he didn't want his teeth to rot) and it's so much fun.....

Nope, he wasn't having it. I figured that he'd change his mind. Everyone tried- strangers, friends, family, even his teacher. But his mind was made up. No costume, no trick or treating.

Weird thing # 1- my child didn't go trick or treating! To make myself feel better, because everyone else has adorable pictures of their kids on the big night, I checked out his costumes of old. That kid makes me laugh!

1st Halloween- Christmas Tree

2nd Halloween- Crab (I actually put a sign on his back that said, "please don't feed me candy- it makes my mommy crabby")

3rd Halloween- Banana (who carried a monkey)

4th Halloween- Bob (with Pilchard...that kid LOVED Pilchard)

5th Halloween- Vampire
pumpkin carving
6th Halloween- Pumpkin Carver... I stressed about him not going out all week. We saved our pumpkin so that we could carve it on Halloween. He worked so hard- he scooped it out, separated the seeds and sketched the face that he wanted Jon to cut. And when it was all finished he said, "I love carving the pumpkin, it's the best part of Halloween."
And that's when I realized.....he was right.

The rest of our weekend continued on that high note. Cooper and I took part in the Scouting for Food program that collects food for our local food bank. Saturday was the bag distribution day- and next week other scouts will go back and pick up the filled bags. The experience was so great- he had a super time and seemed to be proud that he had helped to make a difference. I know that I was.

Our friends George & Jess have a Halloween Party each year for the kids, and this year the theme of the party was Peter Pan. The kids were adorable (nope- no costume for Cooper this time either) and the party was so much fun. Jess had all sorts of Peter Pan themed activities and games and all of the pirates and tinkerbells had a ball. Jon was a part of the festivities and took all of the kids on a hayride with his tractor. It was so much fun- we must have looked so silly- but nobody cared and it was picture perfect!

Saturday night took us to dinner with Lolly & Chris and some other C!rcuit C!ty alum for a reunion dinner. Great food, great friends.....lots of memories and tons of laughs!! Thanks Lolly for getting us rallied.

Today was a catch up day.....Jon and Cooper detailed our cars, I cleaned and we all played catch in the cul-de-sac. The weekend was the perfect combination of fun, family and friends!!

Wow, long post....last but not least- I've Been Tagged!

Here are 6 other weird/random facts about me.

2) I can't sleep on Sunday nights. Ever. I don't know what it is, but for the past year (at least), it has been impossible for me to get to sleep on Sunday- I toss, turn, read, watch tv, blog- and might get 4 hours tops.

3) I scare/startle extremely drives Jon crazy- I can't help it. I think it's because I get really engrossed in things and lose a sense of what is around me. Typically after I've been scared- I burst into tears. Yup, crazy. I know.

4) I have a weird finger thing. Some people notice particular things about others- like maybe eyes, or fingers. I am fixated on hands.

5) I pull my eyelashes out when I am stressed. I fill in the gaps with mascara and eyeliner. My friend Laura (Lolly) inspects me each time we're together- she can tell how stressed I am by the number of gaps. I've been doing really well as of late- until recently.

6) I like the flavor of certain fruits, but not the fruit itself and vice-versa. So- watermelon flavor- good. Watermelon- no can do. Cherry flavor- good. Cherries- nope. Grapes- love them. Grape flavor- no thank you. Oranges- yup. Orange flavor- can't take it.

Ok- perhaps that was too much information...but isn't that the point?

Hmm- who to tag? I don't even know 7 people who blog....I'll just have to be non-compliant on that one!

To make up for it, here is a preview of what will be happening at our house on Tuesday night. Election Day for Presidential elections are a big deal in our family. Cooper is getting a head start on the festivities!
coopie- with leis


The Browns said...

Okay I think the crab costume was one of my all time favorites! So darn cute!

Loved your weird things - and I'm with you on #2, #3 and #6. I love grapes, oranges, lemons - hate fake grape, orange and lemon flavor.

Denise said...

Loved your list...thanks for playing along~