Sunday, November 16, 2008

RIP Lipstick Jungle

Update- You can help!! Just read this on the website- There’s a last ditch Save the Jungle campaign underway: Send a tube of lipstick to Mr. Silverman (any shade will do) at the following address: 100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, CA 91608. And pray.

*it just so happens that I bought a new tube of lipstick last night at Target and when I got home realized that someone put the wrong shade in the slot- hmmm- I know JUST what to do with it now.

When I heard the news, I thought it wasn't true. Then I read this...... and it is.
NBC has canceled my favorite show.

I loved you so, Lipstick Jungle. You were the wind beneath my wings.....a breathe of fresh air in the middle of the week to carry me through to the weekend. And then they moved you to Friday- and I was saddened, but could still DVR you and watch at my leisure.

And now, you are gone.
I will miss you-

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I never watched the show. Am I missing out?! I am too busy watching ridiculous reality TV like The Hills (does that count?), Project Runway, SYTYCD, American Idol etc. Its a real problem. I even watch Run's House at times. What's wrong with me? By the way, can I add you to my list of blogs I follow?