Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Fun-

A weekend with very little planned always seems to bring out the best in all of us! I cannot even recall what filled our Saturday morning, but I know that I slept until 9am. Ahhh- I so needed that!

Cooper was invited to Sarah Clay's 8th Birthday Party and could hardly wait to get there. Sallie is the greatest at a theme and this year was no different. It was a Leg0 party and this is what the table looked like when we arrived.

I'm sure that the Leg0 filled vase of sunflowers was lost on the screaming girls, but I noticed and it was genius! Cooper was 1 of 2 boys- the 3rd was a no show. They didn't seem to mind and everyone had a super time. The 3 Leg0 race was a riot and Leg0 charades brought about some incredible creativity. I'm not sure who had more fun- me or Cooper!

We had a low key evening on Saturday and woke up on Sunday with a definite need for a visit to the grocery store. Jon was headed to the river for some rockfish fishing and Cooper and I prepared for Thanksgiving at Aunt Kathy's. We started making place mats- you know the kind when you grate crayons all over leaves and press them between 2 sheets of waxed paper with a warm iron? Yes, easier typed than done. We've completed 5 (we're aiming for 22- but that seems like a VERY ambitious goal).

Since place mats seemed stressful, I decided to tackle some super cute turkey treats that made an appearance at the Boy Scout Father Son Fall Bake Off. Did I mention that Cooper rec'd his Bobcat Badge during this event in a very symbolic ceremony? Take a look.


He was so nervous and his Den Mom thankfully exempted him from any speaking parts. He mustered up all of his strength and somehow made it through unscathed. Jon and I held our breath the whole time- but that little kid did great! He's now a Tiger Cub with a Bobcat Badge (I really want to call it a Badger Badge- and have been for months, but now that he actually has it- I really should honor the actual name)


Back to the turkeys....anywhoo- I saw them at the bake off and searched for them on the web. I found this on Flickr- and figured, no problem. These will be ADORABLE.

Instead, I'll have to settle for hilarious and really, the absolute best we could do. Wow- I am SO NOT A crafty decorator when it comes to food. They are cute in a pitiful sort of way, and Cooper loves them- so that's what matters. We worked on these for the majority of the afternoon and they will be making the trip to Aunt Kathy's where I'm sure they will occupy a prominent spot at the Thanksgiving Day table. That's what Aunts are for!!

turkey pose

I'm looking forward to a wonderfully short week at work, and cannot wait to see everyone on Thanksgiving. Kathy has invited all of the arms of the family and it promises to be a day full of family, fun, amazing food- exactly the way it should be. We are all counting the days!!


The Browns said...

beautiful! all of it. including and especially the turkey cookies!

lettersfromsouthbeach said...

Hey there! I would love to hear more about the Lego party! I think I might have to steal the idea for my son's 2nd birthday party. Email me when you have a chance.