Monday, November 24, 2008

Lessons on Monday-

On any given Monday, I'm glad to just make it until 5pm. But this Monday, I learned so much!

1) I like raisins- actually oatmeal raisin cookies to be exact. I never thought I did- in fact, I've been picking them out of my cookies for probably 30 years. I'm not opposed to a raisin in say, a broccoli salad or even a green salad of sorts but for some reason, I have been avoiding them in cookies. Not sure what made me try it- it was actually sort of a desperation type move- but no matter, I did and I loved them! (Mental note- this is exactly the reason that I have never tried a milkshake. That seems like nothing but trouble to me.)

2) My husband, although he is more conservative with "treats" than I might like, does truly want to make me smile as much as possible. These beautiful flowers arrived for me at work- just because. I was speechless. I do love him so.

3) My mother has elves who do good deeds while she's on the other side of the world. When the mail came today, it included 2 Thanksgiving cards. One for Cooper and the other for us. They were from my parents. That's the kind of person that my mom is (and perhaps why I'm so fond of a treat!). She also magically sent an anniversary card to my brother and his wife. Hers arrived on time. The one I sent was a tad bit late. Her kindness is legendary and I adore that about her.

4) Super Glue is an amazing medical supply. I've heard it said, but haven't ever tried it myself. I tore my nail down past the quick and it was killing me. I resorted to Super Glue and I am SO glad that I did. I haven't felt a thing since the glue dried. I'm healed!

Happy Monday!

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dana said...

never tried a milkshake??? no comprende??

beautiful flowers - very sweet!!