Monday, November 17, 2008

The Best Paper Airplane

For some reason, Cooper has become obsessed with being "on the internet". Clearly, he doesn't get that he already is via my blog...but I don't think that's the point for him.

He's been asking me to make a movie with him....and I've sort of blown him off. On Sunday he was very persistent. And so, after some experimenting with making a movie, here it is. Cooper's 1st movie.....actually I believe that it's a bit of a documentary- a how to of sorts.

I'm really quite proud of him. Proud that he completely ignored my prompting at the beginning, proud that he did it all in one take (except for the flying part) and proud that it was all him. He has mastered that plane and even added a folding step to the wings that makes it all his own. He was so determined- and not afraid at all. Hooray! I must give props to Alex- the creator of the plane. We've visited his site many times and Cooper never tires of it.

I'm not proud of the various and sundry items that are sprinkled around the living room, but- I suppose I'll live. The point is that a movie was made and his confidence soared.

Mom and Dad- if for some nutty chance you're able to see this in Egypt, I hope it will give you a Cooper fix for at least a week! We sure do miss you.


The Browns said...


Simon and I watched this tonight and are absolutely blown away by Cooper's paper airplane making skills and Momma's movie making skills!


lettersfromsouthbeach said...

Umm...just read your profile for the first time. We have something in huge in common. Its very rare that I find someone that loves this moview as much as I do: The Sound of Music! Is it true? Are you obsessed with it like me? Or am I ill? I LOVE it!

The Browns said...

It worked! Thanks Cooper! I threw it so far that it landed in my Daddy's chair from the kitchen. Thank you!

Your friend,