Thursday, August 26, 2010

Before I forget... (thankful thursday)

The summer is fast coming to a close.....Cooper and Jon start school on Monday and that means we have precious little time until it's OVER.

I am thankful for the time that we've spent together as a family this summer.

I posted earlier that we had a great vacation, but I haven't been organized enough to capture some of our memories- tonight is my attempt.

We decided to drive to Niagara- it was much more economical and at the time seemed like a fabulous idea (sometimes things seem so much better than they actually are- ever noticed that??).

Our plan was to drive 1/2way, spend the night and complete the trip. There's not a ton between here and there.....except farmland, small towns, 2-lane roads and Johnstown, PA. So, that became our destination for Day 1.

And when we got there, the 1st thing on our list was to ride the "world's steepest incline plane". Hmmmm- very interesting!


Unfortunately, I have the world's biggest 'fraidy cats' in my family when it comes to heights!



But, I'm persistent. And we did it!


Not without a bit of a fuss though.....


Once we got to the top, things were much better.


I am thankful for playgrounds in unexpected places!


Somebody got over their fear pretty quickly.

And somebody else didn't!

Somebody even begged and pleaded to go back the next day.


How could we say no?


This time, no tears!
I am thankful for brave little kids who overcome their fears.

So long Johnstown.....


I cannot tell you how tempted I was to take a detour and look up Phil.
Jon was not as tempted.

Instead, we made our way north. And finally....we arrived!


We had a small hurdle to pass with the border agent.
Jon didn't quite understand that the questions he was asking were not because he was simply being chatty. He also neglected to stop at the stop sign right before the check in which prompted the agent to ask,

"Sir, do you intend to follow the REST of the laws in Canada?"
Oh. My. WORD.
I was convinced that we'd be detained- but somehow we made it through.

Day 2- Niagara!

It was really wonderful and Cooper was totally into it.

I am thankful to be able to give Cooper the same experiences that my parents gave me.


I'm thankful for family vacations, wonders of the world, disposable raincoats, kind border agents, and time exploring with the boys I love the most!

More vacation coming....
(I know you're on the edge of your seats!)

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for the love of a house said...

omy!! that photo ont the second day with Copper standing up at the rail and Jon with his back leg/foot a mile behind him is hysterical!! what brave boys you have;)!!
when I'm king;) family car vacations will be required summer fun! seriously, what great memories I cherish from those trips! what a wonderful gift for Cooper!