Monday, August 16, 2010


20 years ago I spent the majority of my time on my sorority hall at a little school in the middle of nowhere.

This weekend I spent the majority of my time in Alexandria with 4 of my sorority sisters and remembered those times fondly!

We stayed in a swanky hotel.



This hotel provides fish in case you aren't able to bring your pet with you on vacation. We had 2- this is Dora.

We ate yummy food....

with way too many calories!

We toasted a million times....

and attempted to use some of our college education to figure out how much we owed.
(suspiciously it looks like we may have played poker- but we didn't)

We much

We laughed so hard it was hard to remain focused!!

We talked, remembered, sang songs, shared secrets, revealed dreams and traded advice for ALL sorts of ailments and issues. We promised not to wait so long to get together again- and I think we really mean it.

There is nothing like good friends....and these girls are the best.

I can't wait for our next trip-

Thanks for a wonderful weekend!


Denise said...

Oh I must do a post...too much editing from my other sessions, but I will pull it together! Thanks for a great weekend and for being a great roomie and road trip buddy...we simply have to make this an annual event...hugs~

Jackie said...


What a wonderful recap of our "20th Reunion"! Thanks for capturing such great pictures! I think it should be an annual event! I wish our weekend could be like the movie "Groundhog Day" so that we could do it again this coming Saturday:) Maybe next year we can have the "Beauty Bus" event in Richmond! xoxox

Denise said...

I just posted mine!

The Browns said...

Looks like so much fun!

Alison said...

Hey Little Sis!
Just got back from the beach and read your wonderful blog... loved the post about our weekend together (loved it SO much). Yes, let's make it an annual trip for sure.
I loved reading all your other posts too. You have such a clever way of wording things and I love how sentimental you are. How did I miss the Jimmy B. story?! Wow, that must have been amazing. I also loved seeing the pictures with the Niagra trip since I had already heard the story. His tears made me want to cry too. But what a success story! (BTW, my kids still say "versing" and I've heard adults say it too! I am a little worried that one has made it into regular vocabulary! LOL)

Miss and love you~